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R2Games banned us because we inform and help players!

Hey guys, we finally received a reply from R2Games about why they are banning us, harassing us and discriminating against us – apparently it is because we help players and give full information to players about everything that happens in Wartune including upcoming events and changes! So they ban us from forums and discriminate against us and harass us by muting our accounts because we do a great job in informing all players! Wow! I promise you will be very surprised once you read exactly what and how they replied to us:

Ticket Created by us:

Dear R2 staff,
I’m writing this ticket on behalf of our team. Why do you continue to discriminate against our Wartune blog and our team? Our Wartune blog,, is the largest and most popular Wartune blog on the internet. We have massive amounts of Wartune information with literally thousands of articles and videos and are promoting Wartune for years. What exactly is your problem? Why are you blocking our blog names, URLs, and team members? Why are you ignoring all emails and all tickets where we just get a reply “we are checking” and never hear from you again.
Is this a professional job that you are doing attacking your fans and biggest supporters and promoters of your game over years?
Should you not be helping us instead of attacking and discriminating against us?
On behalf of Cosmos & the whole DolyGames Team,
< Name hidden to protect identity >
P.S. example of last ticket 1 month no reply = Case # 532659

Answer by R2Games:

I have not altered or changed their reply in any way – this is exactly what they replied:

< Name hidden to protect identity > replied:

Hello < Name hidden to protect identity >,

Thank you for submitting a ticket. For all and utmost first we apologized for any mistreat you’ve experience from us ( especially what happened to your friend “COSMOS” ) now for your 1st question we are not discriminating your site, now personally in our observation or should I say theory it may have been ordered to be block since its making our watcher’s from in game lose purpose on their task job and new player’s will no longer have to seek help for them ( you know that feel right ? ).

2nd We appreciate “COSMOS” contribution for this game ( We do admitted we check their guides too in case we can’t find proper info. from a feature that’s not yet experience by our contacts in chat and we always noted and credited COSMOS and their site when we comply a player’s in-game problem ).

3rd There are matter’s for which we must not spoke as elf ‘s to a player base from rules we follow given to us by our seniors, and that can only be taken and will answer by our ops. and that’s why some ticket’s you sent are ignore or close with due to strict reason ? ( if its spamming tickets of same concern that will be directly closed without any exemption since it give us elf headache and make us confuse to which was the real ticket and what happened to the right ticket case that was supposed to be give an update )

4th and lastly , Its because of “Spoiler alert !” for the game itself you do know that feel when someone or somebody has already informed a major plot for the game patches right ? If we compare that to something not related to this game that’s either in a form of movie,comic book,anime series,manga & etc. ? An example of that is an upcoming “Gundam” series or its episode ( which we wait for a week for a new vid. just be to stay stune) Where’s the fun on that now ? if someone already told you what happened in that episode story? you’ll lost the fun and thrill for that series you like ( and punch a wall to unleash the anger )? and ended finding another series. Back to the topic? that’s same apply goes with “Wartune” if your a big fan of this game.

So please do understand and ask for your kind sympathy and cooperation about the result of mistreatment against your site and your friend “COSMOS. Have a good day.

– The R2Games Team

How helpful was your Support Elf ? (Please Note, this is simply for rating the support you have received, not for providing R2 Games with additional information concerning your ticket.

Final words

Of course we do not agree with their attitude. I don’t know any game publisher who attacks / bans / blocks their fans and bloggers. Supercell for example even puts links to fan videos inside the game! Other game publishers support their bloggers by supplying information, high res pictures, various other supports and even financial support. So we are literally shocked and upset about the unprofessional and rude behavior of R2Games and will certainly not support them or any of their games in the future when we finish playing Wartune.

What can you do if you also feel that this is horrible?

Honestly we don’t know – their organization is so unprofessional that it is near-to-impossible to communicate with them in a professional way. That said, the only thing that comes to mind is: those players who care about this situation can create tickets in our defense again and again over time.

Another thing: if you appreciate the work we put into providing quality information, please consider helping us keep going through a direct Patreon contribution.

Wartune is bigger than R2Games

R2Games is actually a sub-publisher, so Wartune, developed by 7Road is bigger than R2Games. The main (exclusive) publisher of Wartune is ProficientCity (I have an email confirmation of this) and all other companies like R2Games, Kabam, ArmorGames, etc are all sub-publishers under ProficientCity, but they are separate companies so ProficientCity has no power over the behavior of R2Games. So one possibility for the future is that we will get out from under R2Games and go to play Wartune directly with ProficientCity.

Exact attacks R2Games staff has done on us over the last 4 years:

  • They deleted forum accounts of some of our Team members.
  • They deleted most or all of forum posts.
  • They have set automatic blocking filters against our blog’s URLs and against all names related to it.
  • They attacked anyone who tried to speak out in our defense on the forum.
  • They banned COSMOS’s account temporarily out of the blue (in the middle of a 5 day recharge for which they took my money and I did not get the rewards and have tickets open nearly 2 months with no reply from them).
  • They temporarily muted COSMOS multiple times for informing players in-game about upcoming events.
  • They never supported us with anything over 4 years.

That’s the kind of a game publisher that R2Games is and if we did not care about Wartune or players / our fans we would stop supporting them immediately (which seems like what we will do in the future because we do not accept such discrimination and insulting attitude).

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 41 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. Banned because you ‘inform and help players’. To not call that statement a lie, is extremely generous.

    From your own blog/admission you were banned because you were offering a third party program that violates the terms of service.

    • Did you even bother to read their reply?
      Yes they attacked us multiple times over the years including the time when we helped people by showing them how to use a basic autoclicker which is a legal tool in the entire planet to complete repetitive tasks such as clicking on Collect button more than thousand times due to incompetence of the devs for not providing Collect All button in the past. We remain of the opinion that there was nothing wrong in what we did in helping players!

      • I completely agree that auto-clickers shouldn’t be illegal, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are.

        As I recall, you were contacted by R2 before you got banned and were asked to stop selling it, you chose not to do so. I encouraged you (as did many others) to not show your own character using it, so it wouldn’t get banned.

        You got banned almost two years ago, and this is the excuse they are giving nowadays, which is probably just because they don’t have records for it.

        I agree you shouldn’t have been banned for it either, but it literally says you were banned for selling an auto-clicker.

      • Nowhere in their reply, which is fully published above, is mentioned anything about autoclikers. And even if it was, that still falls under the category of us doing the maximum to help players and getting attacked and punished for that.

      • It is in the original reply you got.

        Listed here –

      • We are not discussing their reply from years ago, we are discussing their reply of today, 10th of June 2016. And as I said, that still falls under the category of us doing the maximum to help players, which is all 100% legal according to all laws and getting attacked and punished for that.
        In fact, if you go buy a gaming mouse then many of them have an auto-clicker built in, so are you now illegal because you bought a mouse from the shop? Ridiculous / lack of education = anyone who says that autoclickers are illegal.

      • You ought to shut up, R2games already numerous times demonstrated that dont have any respect for the players. This is a blog from players to the players. Is due to this behavior from part of R2 that many players have dropped from the game. Im playing this game almost 4 years and i see that increasingly R2 focused on the profit instead of the game inself( THE PLAYERS ARE THE GAME). You must be a employee or a collaborator of R2 to be here saying that things

      • So R2Games/ProficientCity (and all the other company names that Jared Psigoda is using) has people ready to give concise, perfect-English responses here, but not in their company? Sounds like the broken-English replies (which usually resolve nothing while claiming cases are resolved) is just a gimmick to get players to shut up and go away.

      • Apparently that turd is one of their “watchers”. What a load dooky all the way around. Quite honestly not sure i’d even play this game anymore if not for Cosmos and crew giving us a little bit of a leg up. I appreciate you guys very much.

      • not reasonable. As big as u are, they could have contacted you. I can understand their policy that maybe its not ok to promote outside web sites, that’s normal. But comon lol, its not like you are using any illeagal means to get your information. Them rolling out changes in chinese wartune is bound to head to other servers. Same with next days events. It’s totally leagal to share information obtained thru leagal methods. lol. If it bothers them, they need to change their manners of implementing changes.

    • If that was still a relevant reason for them banning us, they would have brought it up. The fact that they admitted to using the info on this blog when they themselves can’t get proper info sums up how ridiculous their actions are.

      • It was nearly two years ago. I would be surprised if they even had records for cosmos was banned.

        It still says that was the reason he was banned on the message he was sent.

  2. I love to play the game. But by the way they continue i wont be sure to play ad much fun as 3, years ago. Idk about the game. Its about the connection between players. Have been nuub for 3 years and only spent recently money for marriage that i later regretted. But i still play because i have a lot of friends on whoem i can lean on and can have fun with. I loved your vids and appreciate what you provide for us. I wonder what they will do when most of the players quit.

    • Wartune does some things very well, and I think the game made itself very conducive to socializing. Most other games that are considered similar to Wartune make it much harder to get to know the people you play with. My buddies from this game are a huge reason why I’ve enjoyed it so much over the years.

      • lol dont tell wartune they do some things good. or it will go to their heads and they will think there is nothing wrong with the way they do things

  3. Their reply is exactly what we have come to expect from R2, an almost unreadable load of nonsense. Nothing makes sense, after reading twice I’m thinking what!!. They really need to have people who understand the game answering tickets and people who can write basic English.
    All I get to understand from them is that player’s tickets are a nuisance and how dare anyone help players by informing us about upcoming events.
    I am right behind you stop unnecessary banning. They should start thinking of the good of the game of course we want to know what is coming and be shown how to complete certain dungeons, it is after all the people who spend money on the game who pay their wages.
    Keep up the good work we at least appreciate your efforts.
    PS I think those ‘elf’s’ should be sent back to santa’s grotto to learn some manners.

  4. I just like to say thx for all help u present players through the years. U shouldn’t be banned but knighted for it.

  5. Just quit game.

  6. Remember sym? the one who start all this, with his tok nm naked party on fb? After last night cw, when all bet was quarex lost 2( and he never did) passaport didint come and kel lose to nacc (and since last cw till now nothing change for us and he beat him last time)…. It always the same with online game…rig games!

    p.s. i play a lot of cards games, last one its hearthstone, and blizzard say they dont fix games, its all on luck! And if you check this date hearthstone tavern brawl, its you get random cards, and first cards its always the same spell card… so they cant fix what you draw… but just made that your first card its that spell!….

    • I’m sorry that net interruptions caused by bad weather blew apart your bets.

  7. they are wrong to not support the biggest wartune blog there is… They should’ve actually gave you some bonus stuffs in-game for all the things you do for wartune players all over the world!! I love this blog and I appreciate all the efforts Cosmos and the team have put into this… I am creating an account with proficient city, i don’t trust any other publisher of the game now… i’m just going to stay in koramgame because of the people and because of the time I spent with my toon there

  8. if they dont want you in the forum you have to accept this

  9. Cosmos,

    IMO… The reply is just the auto response sent down the chain for a Money Hungry Company.

    They see the pre-release information a attack on their marketing plan to get the most out of people and only updating the players 3 hours before events and patches. This has been the same for years.

    The info on your site is welcomed in my eyes, as a casher as it keeps the interest in going on and gives me the excitement back in a game that gets repeative when you have completed the last patch quests and are just doing the grind to level out the last of the items.

    Keep up the good work, but i see from there point why they would be up set, say they had plans for a last minute cash grab on a sell able item that was free after the patch they would be at a loss financially due to a information leak.

    And I understand this may not be the case here, but I could see it being a threat to their profitiblity one day.

    And we know how r2 love there profit.

    Eg. $600 US to merge a slyph that cost $1000 in recharge to get to red x 2.


    Eg. 1200 boxes at 39 Balen for one mount or 210 for a set of clothes… all cosmetics with minimal buff to stats. Way over priced since they split from normal boxes.

    • Hi, thank you, just to be clear regarding patch info I have official written permission from the Exclusive Wartune publisher to publish information at dates specified by them which I respect, so I am not leaking anything. As for various analysis – anyone is legally free to analyze publicly available information.
      Everything we do is 100% legal.
      – Cosmos

  10. Come on no need a genious to notice with what kind of person we have to deal for all
    all the fk time they put hands in game messed up something like title now after yesterday. you not get it is game message -.- damn idiot if i had it 2 days ago why hell now no?

  11. Hy guys.I never write a post here but now i must.You guys do a great job keep going so,1 minor thing i want to say the events from the next days you can see it if y start a new acc on oceanic servers because they are in front of 12h from GTM so i dont realy understand why r2 is obset of you dolygames publishing the next events?Because y take the efforts and get ON in the oceanic server and make a picture????? LOL what an ilegal thing y do 😉 keep going the great work we support y guys

    • Hi Tiborman,
      Thank you for your support.
      Totally agree with what you said. We do everything 100% legal and for some things like patch info i even have written permission as I wrote above, so we are all and always 100% according to and respecting laws and I am very upset by the unprofessional behavior and rude attacks by R2Games who should be supporting us, their biggest bloggers, instead of attacking us.
      – Cosmos

  12. There is always many sides of things.

    Sorry to hear that they gave COSMOS such a hard time, you do nothing but helping.

  13. Well this giving me another reason to stopcashing.

  14. wow…i remember i was banned from forum becoz i often notify of bugs 😀

    anyway spoiler? really?

    i can just create an account at their eastern/pacific n get preview of upcoming events before my US account reset…:D

    no big deal

    could it be becoz ur Patron is getting $$$…so they dislike it 😀

    • Don’t know where you took that from, that was not written anywhere.
      That said, do you really think a multi-million dollar company gives a damn about a few bucks that a blog earns? lol
      (other game publishers actually support their bloggers and sometimes financially)

      • URL to R2 #1

        URL to R2 #2

      • They deleted both of those threads after our team posted the correct information:

        Why do you all immediately believe the original poster who has posted false information about honest people without even checking?
        Is this your education to attack people and announce them as guilty without checking?
        Especially you MemoryLane, you are a Moderator. Is it cool that you agree to the information without any checking and already start writing various actions or opinions on actions?
        If any of you actually bothered to go and check you would find that all information is 100% freely available. This includes over a thousand of articles and over a thousand of videos all 100% freely available.
        The only pieces of information which are for Patron login only are Excel analysis, strategy discussions, tips and advice, which are 100% original hard work done in appreciation of people who support this blog.
        Especially regarding any Patch information, everything has been 100% free.
        Shame on all of you for lighting fires to go burn honest hard working people without taking even 1 minute to check the validity of the people posting false information.

        Liers who posted false information:
        Anubi0s agreed with the above lier without checking and concluded “once I thought he/she was a nice wartune pearson, now not any more.”
        MemoryLane R2Games Moderator agreed to the posting without checking and started discussing possible actions.
        Post deleted before I could write a couple of others.

      • i didn’t agree with what they said, was just pointing out that there were people who felt that way which might have triggered r2’s response to your blog

  15. I thought my english is quite good but i dont understand a thing from that reply lol its a biiiig nonsense. I love wartune but hate R2 as much as 7Roads for making more and more shi…. problems.

    U got my ticket as soon as i come back home. Also try to convince Catta from S583 Europe to write some good stuff about u guys. I will die if Elia stop making videos (so beautiful voice) xD

    And for sure im going to support u by changing the name of my main sylph for ‘suppDOLYGAMES’ xD hope it fits :p

    Finger cross for u doly team!

    • Thanks buddy, very kind of you.

    • Mazda <3 you gay

    • One More Sylph name in support of Doly Games

  16. mimimimi cry more.
    wartune is dead game, you spent total much time on your project but its useless

    • your comentary is useless 😛
      We are more here to talk about that problem dolygames team are suffering your typical (“I already quit the game all the ppl who still play are stupid and should get a life”) doesnt fit here or to be honest everywhere else if you dont like wartune anymore or never liked you should stop visiting those places cause we mainly talk about that just save yourself (and other) time and dont come to say those stupid coments

  17. doly im sorry to hear this but u all should know better not to trust wartune from the start now i hope u learned your lesson on spending on online games so basically u wasted your time on a game that was from the start all on cash rip doly games. one thing to do is to make everyone leave this game so they can go fuck themselves in the ass with their shitty gaming making skills

  18. They want to protect hes Project!
    You guys here sometimes sell Info (patron) no just
    give Free Info to players! Make Money with that way i thing is illegal!

    • Definetly agree with you this is way i was complaining to r2 about Cosmos and Elia.

      • unless it was sarcasm… u sir dont even deserve my pity

  19. they should do the work that you do. are them mystakes not tell to us the new patches and the new events. and neither the tips .

    in all games i’ve checked the forums for become stronger but i’ve discovered that often the posts was outdated or 90% was useless. in stead in blogs the info are more reliable

  20. wow at firt i was thinking that they would reply with a good answer showing valid points but now that i see it its really stupid what they did they dont even have a good answer and i mean the spoiler thing compared to a series welll yeah the series part its true, but sometimes those “spoilers” you give could encourage ppl to keep playing (ofc some will quit but anywyas those would quit anyways when the stuff come out) so really dont see a valid point for all the things they have done to all of you

    • Exactly, any professional or educated / qualified person can understand that keeping players excited about great things keeps players playing and not quitting. But they have never ever been known for being qualified or understanding players, so…

  21. I dont think it was the helping that triggered the banning, i think it was becaus you started asking money for some parts of help. And as greedy as wartune is they want to keep all the profits made with tohe game for them selfs.

    As for me, thx for all the info i got from you guys

  22. they want all of us in the dark, so we cant plan how our expenses in the game. if you want to keep helping players, plz dont ask money for future patch info. That way you attack R2 where it hurts the most, their wallet. keep up with the good work!

    • We have never ever asked money for any patch info. Please know the facts, I wrote more in other replies above and below.

      • Think this guy is refering to the patron only thing which IS asking for money for info.

      • Think this guy is refering to the patron only thing which IS asking for money for info.

  23. Your sight has been flagged because a lot of people complained to R2 about you charging for “premium” information.
    If you had not begin charging, I doubt R2 would even know anything about you.
    Now however the damage is done, and doubt there is a fix short of a new free website.

    • Please do not spread false information.
      1) Neither in our post nor in R2 reply there is nothing mentioned about money.
      2) We do not charge anyone. We have people who like and appreciate our work who send us support. For this we spend extra hours to do extra analytical work for them.

      • go to hell, I saw the complaints myself in R2 forum. I could give to shts what you do or don’t do. No I won’t be back to this site. What an a hol

      • We will certainly not miss a rude person such as yourself who insults and attacks people without checking the validity of the false information.

  24. And you play this game because?

  25. I play on Koram’s server S6. While I don’t like the way R2 is handling this situation, at least they are paying attention to Wartune. Koram is on auto-pilot. Helpdesk tickets go unanswered. Forums are not monitored and player moderated. The VIP button has not worked since Nov 2015 so VIP is only available when the luxury packs go on sale once a month.

    Sadly R2 doesn’t realize that this site not only helps players, it generates excitement for the upcoming updates and events. They equate knowing what changes are coming to being like a movie spoiler. Utter rubbish! There is no storyline to this game (there was early one, but once you finish the last Solo dungeon the story ends).

    This game. like all mature games, is bleeding players and will continue to do so. Punishing those who care about the game is NOT the way to promote it and ensure its continued existence.

  26. Really R2? Now where im going to check what events are coming next days if DolyGames is banned?


    • Hey buddy, maybe you did not fully understand the situation, even though we are badly treated, we are still continuing to work and create content (articles, videos) for you guys.

  27. I agree with you all. You guys put more work into this site than they put into their own. It seems they actually took the time to write this nonsense and ban you guys instead of fixing this mess of a game. I think what started this was someone posted in the R2 forum about u guys charging for the info on the patch. ;/
    Meanwhile a few days after that article on patreon u guys put out TONS of info…. its just wrong to do this to you guys….. i enjoy this site alot, so thank you.

    • Thanks UGH.
      Whichever hater is spreading lies about us that we charge info for patch is a complete lier hater. All our patch articles have been released 100% free. Moreover we do not charge anyone – ever; we have people who like and appreciate what we do who support us and we do extra work for them.
      – Cosmos

  28. Another point. If R2 does not want people to talk about the latest patches they should have made players on the test server sign a digital NDA! For years I was a tester for Everquest and we always had to sign a digital-NDA when we were testing a new expansion to the game. We were not allowed to speak of the game until told so by the developers, which was usually a week or two before the release, once the expansion was finalized.

    At that point the WANTED us to talk about the expansion and what we thought of it to the entire Everquest community. We gave private feedback during the NDA period, and once that was lifted they wanted us to spread the word. That is a much better way to handled things than Wartune. I guess that is the difference between something made in the USA as opposed to China!

    • Yes the only wrong information you have there is that R2Games does not own the Test server, R2Games is just a sub-publisher. The people who own the Test server, who are the exclusive publisher of Wartune, Proficient City, have been nice to us and support us and we have their permission to post information. So please consider these facts in your opinions, thanks.
      – Cosmos

      • Is there a way to contact the real publishers with bug issues as Koram is on auto-pilot and does not answer any tickets, just giving the same auto-response and never any resolution.

  29. First off R2 staff members needs to take a basic course in English, most of their reply is gibberish and unintelligent. If their programmers are this poor at communication skills I now see why this gaming is going down the tubes….. You and your team provide some pretty good analytical information which is more than I can say for those losers in China. Keep up the good work……

    • Thanks buddy 🙂

  30. Cosmos, you have my maximum support and sympathy. You did a lot to promote this game, I’m 100% sure you significantly increased R2Games income. They should praise and sponsor you instead of being hostile. I’m much more critical on my blog about their negative attitude than you, and still they are harassing you, unbelievable. You should start mentioning to your readers as well to stop spending 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your support Miklós!
      About the spending bit, I don’t want to damage Wartune, so I don’t want to do that, I want to remain positive, with our Team we always try to look for the positive so we all can smile more. Wartune is bigger than R2Games, the problem is R2 not Wartune. We still love and play Wartune and we don’t want to damage it by such a recommendation.
      Thanks again,

      • While I do agree that if all players stopped spending, wartune would most likely shut down instead of changing and I still like this game as many others do as well, which is one reason we are still playing. But I would also say wartune is like it is today because there are people that are going to spend no matter what and the game realizes that and are seeing how far they will go. I will say this though, they seem to be making some changes that will help the players alot recently, reducing knighthood requirements, making event dungeons weekly which I think most will like since most don’t have the time to do daily runs.

  31. If this ticket and replie is real and not just made up by cozmo… i think that if the tickets were worded more politely prehaps he’d get more useful results… I have nothing to do with R2 as i play directly on the site. but reading the itial ticket made me feel defensive, i can imagine it’s verymuch more so for the team as it was directed at them.


    – T O T A L L A C K OF “IN-GAME” + “OFFICIAL WEBSITE” S U P P O R T or H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok you guys were SELLING information about their game.
    That is why i was complaining to r2 about what you are doing, you are playing on a test servet and not only whatsoever you decied to sell the info..

    • Idiot. He was selling tips/advice, not patch 5.8 information. BIG difference. Why do you think you are entitled to such information?

      • Are you a moron? I gues you payed $10 to view that information am i correct? If you havent shut the fuck up ok? You have no idead what information was going in a topic that wants money! Nobody will pay just for tips you retard..

    • a moron like you DDKXF who does not have a clear understanding of facts creating complaints against honest working people who have done nothing wrong
      that’s what’s wrong with the world – uneducated idiots like you
      – blogging and making analysis is not illegal idiot
      – people have right to be paid for the work they do in normal countries

      • I was reading the forums discussions on r2. The person reported it with a ticket and had a whole forum topic on the issue with R2 mods involved. Looks like based on whats happened they removed the forum topic too.

  34. hey Cosmos, you got banned from game (can’t play anymore the knight anymore?) or only from r2 forum? also Elia can’t play anymore? sorry 🙁

    • Hey buddy, no that’s not what I wrote. They did various attacks on us over the years. The most recent attacks were banning of COSMOS knight account in April 2016 right after I recharged balens for the Conseq.Recharge event for which i still did not get the rewards as well as all other event rewards i missed. After that both in April and May they muted my account for telling players what events are coming tomorrow. Forum account bans, deletions, blocks and filters were all in previous years.
      So I have access again to my knight now, but I have no confidence for example to recharge because they (R2Games) can decide to ban the account anytime they wish without any communication, without any warning and without any justification as they do whatever they want, when they want it just like dictators. So I hope I can maybe manage to move to a normal publisher like ProfCity.
      – Cosmos

  35. It’s really a horribly managed game. I think we keep playing because we see such potential that is never fully realized. I’ve noticed that bugs in the game that are the least bit beneficial are fixed ASAP. Lag, bugs, and any other issues… Wait and see (as in never fix. Kick bug anyone?). I understand that they want to be “protective” but attacking the biggest “fan site” (if you will) of their game is poor business. I’m almost at the breaking point with Wartune devs and producers and.. whatever they call themselves. Glad I don’t spend any money on this game.

    By the way, when did R2 forum become NARC city? Someone was joking about selling their character and a NARC was all over it.

    MOST of us really appreciate the hard work the team puts in. The rest… Ignore the haters.

  36. Can we transfer accounts to profientcity servers in some way? We can leave r2 to thier stupidity and greed

    • Not officially, at least not yet, but I am speaking with them to find out if something can be worked out.

  37. I have heard people complain about the patreon exclusive posts. That you are selling info about the game. This might have contributed to the new action

    • I wonder, are these uneducated people also complaining against CNN for “selling info” about the government and companies and people?
      Or newspapers who are “selling info” about many things?
      Or schools and universities who are “selling info”?
      Or thousands of other blogs and websites who are “selling info”?
      These uneducated haters who attack honest working people unfortunately exist, but anyhow they are only damaging themselves with their hatred (but they don’t even have enough knowledge to understand that)
      – Cosmos

  38. all i can say is wtf…. after all ur hardwork cosmo helping them in game for player benefits so they will continue to play to their game. and this is what ull get from them.. wtf… wtf.. now were seeing who really r2 is.. wtf.. sorry to hear this cosmo.. i hope everthing will be sort out soon.. wtf………

  39. This is not right decision from R2, even im an Ex player(quit about half year ago) but this blog help me a lot when im still playing in the past. Thx 4 all anyway COSMOS

  40. It’s typical of R2, because they feel that the information you’re providing is (1) not coming from them, (2) will help players not spend money.

    Basically at this point many people should just consider (1) quitting the game (2) quit spending money (3) dont even show up to their events.

    If theres no competition, even the whales will get bored of the game.

    • Just to be clear we have never recommended not spending money. We have only recommended spending money wisely such as making intelligent, calculated choices so that players get the most for their money and this is a 100% honest and legal service that we do for players in highlighting various aspects of what deals are interesting and which are not.
      – Cosmos

  41. I dont see nothing wrong about what u guys are doing. i really like the vid and the articles u are posting everyday. without u guys i would probably stop playing this game. pls continue doing Great things for wartune :). i believe in you guys, Fight for it 🙂

  42. if I could, I would suggest you try to contact proficient city, and see if they can move your toon WITH things intact to their site. I play on proficient city, and honestly, they are slightly better, with tickets.

  43. I am stunned by this.R2 has a gm on our server that consistently logs peoples accounts,she has a toon on the R2 test server,she trades pics for balens,has arranged guild merges before the server merges have even happened consistently informs her friends of game changes before they happen so they can be prepared in advance and my favourite thing of all she lost all her gems because she was caught cheating at christmas,the developers gave her gems back and the gems of her friends who cheated.AND YOU GUYS GET BANNED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH…..UNREAL. You guys are awesome

  44. i layed into r2 on the forums one time with a very well written very thought out and had proof with screen shots of their incompetence and inability to act as a professional company. after one time only i magicaly cannot log into the forums any longer they dont only attack you guys but anyone that oposes their views in anyway

    • Yes, not only you, anyone who tried to defend us also either their posts were deleted or banned.

  45. This is silly, anyone who has been playing for over a few years knows fully well you guys were banned for selling bot programs. We also know full well that the idiots that reply to tickets are almost 100% of the time not the ones making any sort of decisions and don’t usually have a clue what they are saying. Your “R2 reply” is clearly stupid, but they have banned sellers for years and that’s the only reason they chose you over the other blogs they still allow and have a forum section for.

  46. I would like to say a big ty for all the posts you give, it is informative and for a player that it is not so fast at understanding the game, I really appreciate it.

  47. To put it simply they are a company. All they want is money and when a new update comes out there is usually a way to spend balens to progress in the new updates but when you give players a little heads up by saying “they are changing this to this in the future” (best example is the TOK and spire updates coming up) they want to keep stuff like that on the down low so players are surprised and have to spend balens to keep up with others (not TOK and spire in this case but stuff like Knighthood). With you providing information on how to get better while not spending much balens hurts their profit marks so they have to find a way to stop players from reading what you post. At the end of the day they are a company who just wants to make more money.

    • First of all, I am very sorry to hear that COSMOS and DolyGames team!

      About that. It does not makes sense what you are saying my Anonymous friend.

      The people in the Test server is mainly people that cash. Therefore they are always updated about the upcoming stuff. Therefore they can plan better how or what to spend.

      This guides are more useful to the non-cashers than the cashers, but help all of them.

      The strategy Wartune uses is a Casino startegy, so having this updates actually helps people to stay tunned.

      I have heard many people to say “wont” quit as new changes are arriving. If they didnt hear of the new stuff they might just quit without knowing whats coming for the future.

      Wartune has many flaws that needs to be fixed and many know they exist. The worst flaws had been in the past 6 months

      People is always expecting the game to become better. And Honestly I have to congrat this new wartune team that has been doing an incredible job since a little ago. I just hope we could go back to the unlimited rewards so non-cashers dont lose faith and hoarding gives a benefit.

      Now you added 2 new cashing boxes for mount and clothing. I guess the past better rewards of regular boxes wont hurt anyone as atm is impossible to get clothing or mount titles from them.

      It will be good that people can actually collect them to exchange for a little of the other stuff so they keep “interested” as they know that in the long run they will accomplish some stuff..

      Anyhow in the long run everything becomes cheaper as well..

      Since the removal of unlimited events and the nerf of boxes from events we lost many good friends, friends that used to cash 25-100 dollar per week. And I guess that happened in many servers.

      Maybe aiming for the mid-low cashers to keep them and non chashers happy as well wont hurt the game and wont hur your pockets as there will always be better cashing stuff such as clothing and mount titles. that are out of reach for mid-cashers.

  48. In the future should this continue, I suggest members here that make these how to’s cover their players names even in the vids. It’s possible, but time consuming. Even remake this site to bypass the filter made and pass it along. Just keep this one alive if any old news is still relavent.

  49. Well.. I will be sending tickets and posting threads in support of DolyGames and Cosmos for whatever good that will do. Love you guys, keep up the good work. <3

    • Welcome to the world we R2-Games players live in. Yes R2 sucks but this a action seems chIL dish. Since money talks the only way R2 will listen if it affects their revenue. I have tried to get all R2 players to stop cashing just for a week to 10 days in protest. Maybe we can organize one?

      • i havent in 3 years, but if this is possible then maybe some1 can do a survey type thing which leaves player name whoever is willing not to spend a dime for a week on wartune. have a flood of people cancelling their vip status also.

      • In a way, I would like to see this happen but not so sure this would be a good idea. Instead of wartune changing their ways and listening to the players to get them spending again, more than likely they will shut the game down.

  50. I am disgusted by what I have read honestly, like many people who have posted, I cannot understand what there problem is, perhaps jealousy, perhaps something else.

    Regardless, to the whole DolyGames Team, you do a fantastic job and have improved gaming experience not only for myself but countless others, so don’t like a bunch of pathetic people stop you doing what you do better than anyone else.

    As far as the game goes, I like many other people I know, only play out of habit and continuing to help friends with dungeons etc. and most certainly not because the game is enjoyable.

    It’s my opinion, take it or leave it. 🙂

    • Thanks for the support JT

  51. I think someone was hacking your site, because I kept getting kicked. I am writing this on my comp, now, so I can say what I want, without having someone else bothering me.
    Ok, now to what I was trying to say:
    First, I didn’t ever really use this site for info. I have a member of my guild that would send a link to this site. I think I looked once or twice.
    The reply from R2 was handled poorly. I agree with you all on this. The “elf” mentioned you giving away “spoiler alerts,” but this has never bothered me, because I like to see what is in the middle of a book, movie, or other story. It can be a bit of a let down to know the end, but a good author will keep you on the edge of your seat, regardless of you knowing what will ultimately happen. I would argue against this game ever really having a storyline to it. Sure, they did a lot of talking, but nothing was really ever said. Who cares that you are “the chosen one.” It is the theme to all the games I play, except Neverwinter. At least there, you are someone. Here, you are just another char in a story that doesn’t ever really get started. Like most, the best part of this game is the camaraderie with your guildies and friends.
    Someone mentioned about this being a business. TRUE. This is a business. A business supplies a product/service (char and stuff) and people buy that product/service. Businesses want to maximize profits and minimize expenses. That is just good practice, but good ones know you have to sometimes lose a little to gain more. R2, Kabam and others have no overhead and no real costs, but want to get more “profit” without making sure their product is working the way it is supposed to. Many things need to be fixed. TOK is one of them. My guild leader asked the R2Mentor about it, the other day, and he/she said she was too weak. Not true. She is over 4 mill in BR. easy, norm, and hard should be ones she can solo. She can’t, because they screwed it up a couple years ago.
    As far as the site is concerned, does R2 own the site you use, or do own the rights to the blog? IF it is you, then you have the legal right to keep it up, no matter how much they piss and moan. IF they do, then find another site you can start one on, and go from there. That would be your best option, if they own the rights to the site you are using for your forums.
    IF you were violating a part of the agreement you made, when you became a char, then you are in the wrong for it. I am not saying you were, and you have expressed that you didn’t violate anything in numerous replies, so no need to repeat yourself here. lol IF you were “selling” inside info, then I side with them, but it doesn’t seem so from what I have read. IF you were charging people to give specific help with their char, then you have every legal right to do so. That is an agreement between you and that person. I side with you. Since I don’t know all the facts, I leave many IFs. I support you in your effort to help players with tips and tricks and upcoming events. I know many have said something about bots you created. The main issue I have with them is that they can tie up a server’s resources, if too many people use them at the same time, but I don’t know about the one you mentioned for the auto clicker. I have a guildie that used it and swore it was good for saving time and energy in clicking. I think the main thing they had a problem with it was because they couldn’t charge people balens (money) for the use of it. But, again, I reserve judgment on the issue.
    Keep up the good fight and figure a way to restart your blog. If people are willing and able to help you maintain the server, then I am all for their help. Keep helping people learn about the game and how it is played.

    • omg u wrote a poem

  52. 105 comments…wow 😀

  53. Thanks for all the work you all do with this site and the information you gather. R2 does not realize how many people have STAYED with your information instead of getting screwed over by R2 not providing info early enough and players losing out on rewards and such because of it.

    • Thanks a lot Brian

  54. Hey COSMOS and Team,
    1st up, i would just like to say thank you for putting up with all the BS that we all endure, and giving us great heads up on upcoming changes/events/etc.
    2nd, Are proficientcity services any better than R2? If so, can you contact them, and see if they would be willing to come to some kind of arrangement to “move” a number of players? I know I for 1 would def be interested in making that kinda move, R2 service, more like R2 no service.

    • Thanks for the kind support Bhawane
      I am talking with ProfCity if that option might be possible, don’t have any results yet to communicate, but once I know anything positive I will let you guys know
      – Cosmos

  55. hey Cosmos & friends my name is N i watch your vids & tell others people in-game about this site & it’s very helpful. been playing wartune already about a few years already & after reading the response from R2 to your ticket you sent is completely against what you guys do. will continue to support you guys.

  56. Hello,

    I read all article and i’m totally agree with the R2Games, I’m also in Digital Marketing and i feel so bad when everyone have info about my upcoming project. Its like a stupid standing in front of Minded people in presentation cause they know all before i will begin with updates. Better to add updates detailed info when the update is launched on website. You were giving info about cservers so why you came to r2games details? i read the forum to know what is in china server but your stopped that and keep on spamming r2games. Better to go back at old form which was quite far more information for us that what is upcoming on behalf of compare r2 with chinese.

    • What the hell are you talking about? Do you even understand what is happening or what information we are talking about? None of this has anything to do with any china server.

      We report upcoming events which are coming in 6-12 hours which is information that is available to everyone and is coming from official servers including R2 servers. But why am I even explaining this if you clearly have no idea about this entire subject and without knowing anything you are making an accusation against honest people.

      As for patch information, this is also 100% legal – where do you think we have the information from? We went and robbed R2Games offices according to you?

      All the problems are from people like you who do not know anything and instead of asking questions to understand you are straight away accusing honest people who have done everything according to the law.

      – Cosmos

      • Don’t bother to reply to ppl that don’t understand the whole story, support u cosmos

  57. Not to say that I agree with them Perma-Muting your account or anything, But…

    You did use their channels to promote your website namely the (Cross Server Bullhorn) that could be considered a violation of the ToS agreement.

    again not that i think they should perma-mute you but I can see where it gets sketchy.

  58. Wartune just scared, they are scared players are well informed and know when to recharge and when not to, and also smart non casher don’t need to recharge to get knighthood when being informed in advanced when is the adv henna up for exchange, they chicken, that’s all I gonna say. I m a casher but my money isn’t drop from the sky, it’s hard earn money with blood and sweat, lol ok ok I over exaggerate it. Have fun, good job dolygames.

  59. I am done with wartune.

  60. denk memez xd

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