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Preview of New Wartune China Patch (made on 6 Jan 2016)

Hey guys, in this post we share with you a preview of game changes in Wartune in a patch which is visible in Wartune China. We share with you below both a preview video and screenshots which I extracted and added with some English translations. Big thanks to Darrkin for sending the video.

We start with the screenshots for a quick overview and the video is at the bottom of the article if you want to see every window/item/clicks that Darrkin is showing. If someone speaks Chinese feel free to email me with info or post in the comments below further clarifications.


Fire Element Hero

The hero forging / enhancing window:

Water Element Hero with healing skill shown where his every action has a 20% chance to heal 70% of attack:

Thunder Assassin Electro Element Hero:

Kids and sub class were already existing I believe so they are probably not part of the patch but just showing the pictures anyways

Regular Guild Shop page 5 new item:

Advanced Guild Shop new items:

Marriage / Couples / Marriage Shop:

Marriage / Couples Shop:

Farm area is bigger and the layout is different; here shown only the left corner:

House / House Decorations:

And finally here is the full video:

Wartune Preview of New China Patch (made on 6 Jan 2016)

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  1. its new update ?

    • it is what is in Wartune China on 6th of Jan 2016; some of it like kids already existed and some are new things

  2. subclass do not have yet

    • yes we are always behind them and probably we will get sub class first before other things

  3. not interresting
    china wartune is not this wartune. they are to diffrent

  4. the video is complete confusing

    • yeah i didn’t understand 1 thing

  5. After watching, the video I was like I’ve seen 2 different games. First half shows completely new content. It is like a new game. I was under impression that author just mindlessly click all buttons with hope to get some results, no offence meant. We saw completely new own city. To upgrade your buildings you needed wood, but I was unable to figure out where you could get it.
    The second half is much more clear. First, we saw same own city. Then we saw a new cloud city and some stuff, interesting, but not completely new.
    Again, two halves of a video is like two different games. Maybe one half of video is from test-server (this explains “7road” names on other cities) and another form actual game server.

    • I’ve watched it again with more attention. Actually, it seems like you now have 2 cities.
      From cloud city you can go to a new wilds with upper button or old own city – with lower button. And from new wilds you can go to your new city.

  6. There’s always something new coming to the game adding more complexity to an already complex system. Chances are if these changes do come to us, a good bit of those new shiny things won’t make it over. Its an intriguing post nonetheless.

    Thanks for sharing.

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