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Wartune Events 17 Jan 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 17 Jan 2016:

Sylph Upgrade – 3 days

Unlimited Rewards:

During the event upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 Mahra + 5 Sylph EXP Scroll + 200k gold

Daily Rewards:


Snowflake Chest

During the event, upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 1 100k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 100 times, to receive: 25 3 200k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 200 times, to receive: 50 5 500k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 500 times, to receive: 125 10 2m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 1000 times, to receive: 300 20 5m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 3000 times, to receive: 1000 50 10m

Sylph Tamer – 3 days

One time ever reward collection – this is the same event that keeps repeating.


Big Spender Tattoo & Holy Forge 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
2,000 20 10 100 20 60
5,000 50 20 300 40 120
10,000 100 40 500 80 240
30,000 300 60 1500 200 600
50,000 500 100 3000 200

Big Spender 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 20 20 2
2,000 10 4 40 40 5
5,000 20 10 60 60 10
7,000 30 15 100 100 20
10,000 50 20 200 200 40
20,000 100 30 300 300 60

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  1. Will there ever be a adv. mahra event for non-cashers, this guys are getting on my nerves and hw do I get Holy golden water bottle since it cant be gotten from CC again also how do I get adv. sepuclurm.

    And can they make some of this events even for all, if I just started this game I think I will quit early, the events don’t favor late beginners

    • ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    • Free Advanced Seps come mainly from the Atoll Boss in the Defend Sylph Atoll event, but you only get 10/day with that event.

    • no way for obtain adv mahra but for adv sepulcrum is easly

      make 2nd evolved slyph then recycle them

      • oh, how many adv sepulcrum do you get from 1 recycle of a freshly made 2nd tier sylph?
        thanks in advance

      • random 900-2000 adv sepul you can get

      • how can i recycle sylph? do you mean scarifice? i tried to scarifice my poseidon, it just offers sepulcrum 1600-2000 and not adv sepulcrum

      • @silver
        they write offer normal sepul
        in fact its adv sepul
        juts try it

      • do you get more if you upgrade/enchant it or do you just evolve and sacrifice straight away?

  2. You can get Holy Golden Water from Spire HM. You can sometimes get some adv Seps from Wilds Store. It will accept BB’s. No Adv Mahra events however we do get some from online rewards. Hang in there, we do get a good amount of events for non-cashers.

  3. I like what yall are doing keep up the good work

  4. I was wondering if the Chinese servers have the 5th orange card in their card systems?

  5. You can also get advanced mahra and advanced sepulcrum from dimension offering sacrifices. I just got 100 advanced mahra from an ancient offering today. 😉

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