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Poll Results – Do you like the Wartune Patch 8.5?

Hey everyone, in this article I share 2 poll results on Wartune Patch 8.5. The main one asking “Do you like the Wartune Patch 8.5?” and the secondary one asking about one of the features of Wartune Patch 8.5 – the Sky Garden; checking to see if players use it or not “Do you use the Sky Garden of #Wartune Patch 8.5?”.

The main poll‘s (on Patch 8.5) answer options were very simple:

  • YES
  • NO

And the Sky Garden poll‘s answer options, also very simple:

  • YES, I go there regularly
  • NO, never / almost never

193 players voted in the 1st poll and 180 players voted in the 2nd one. The results are:

Do you like the Wartune Patch 8.5?

  • 83% of players said “NO”
  • only 17% said “YES”
  • 193 players voted

Do you use the Sky Garden of Wartune Patch 8.5

  • 98% of players said “NO”
  • only a tiny 2% said “YES”
  • 180 players voted

Observations / Comments / Discussion

The “NO” scores of 87% and 98% are extremely high (that’s roughly 9 out of 10 players). That’s like shouting from the Wartune dev’s office roof that they have done a crappy job. Imagine you are producing smart phones and 9 out of 10 of your customers don’t like your product – that’s not a very good sign for your future.

It is not possible for any games’ devs to make all players happy, BUT, and that’s a huge “BUT”, having approximately 9 out of 10 of your players / customers unhappy is certainly a very clear proof that you are doing a really bad job.

This, while the devs praise themselves in their annual reports to their investors / stakeholders of how good of a job they are doing. Either their top management has no idea what’s happening on the ground floor or they are all blind. In any case such poor performance rests solely on the shoulders of 7Road management (the Wartune devs). The programmers can write poor code, the designers can create bad designs, the liveops can keep on creating crappy events, but it is the responsibility of the management to approve or not approve the job of their employees.

What do you think? Will the devs learn and improve their performance and do a better job for Wartune in the future patches or will they continue to ignore their players? or do you have another point to share? Write in the comments below.

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  1. I think it is too simplistic for a yes or no vote. I appreciate the patch elements that add diversity and customization of our character and pet builds like the various cuties and special abilities and accessories, and dislike repetitive elements, no blitz on cutie expedition. The hot event cycle have not been changed in a long time, giving players nothing to look forward to or any reason to save or strategize material use. In game purchase items are just way too expensive for what they are worth, which has inadvertently encouraged cashing players to become non-cash players.

  2. I would really like to figure out best places in cuties expid for dropping items

  3. The Cuties system is, I think the most “casual friendly” system they’ve added in a LONG time. It doesn’t require a lot of time or effort, doesn’t require a powerful character to start, or require cashing.

    Yes, you can get benefits by cashing (blitz, extra ovens and diagrams). But there’s nothing that starts off as being behind a paywall. And the Cutie Expedition mechanic means you don’t have to spend time in game to level up your Cuties.

    • I would not agree with Jayleia that Cuties (btw I call them Uglies) do not require a lot of time or effort. Doing the 10 bosses by the end of the 3rd land takes more than 40 min. That is because fights take long, and switching the boss takes even longer. Besides, it is really boring, as fight are monotonous, not to mention the lag. For all that I often happen to omit it.
      I didn’t vote in the poll, but I am yet one more to dislike the new patch.

  4. 99 percent of this patch is not worth doing to much focus on getting players to spend and not enough time adding things that the players like one of the worse patches that ive seen since I started playing

  5. I would like to know, since patch and maint why Illya Goddess no longer stuns?? The devs say they have not changed its coding, but thats a lie considering the amount of players who say the same thing. anyone care to confirm this for Cosmos so he might be willing to write a post.

    • indeed many report the reduction in stun from Illya
      well devs have always done hidden changes without informing players
      the patch notes never include the full list
      usually the things they don’t communicate are bad for players and they try to hide it to avoid anger
      there is not much i can do about that

    • i really hope they erase this stun stuff totally from the game (atleast against players).Especially that ancient relic stunts for 4 rounds is disgusting.

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