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Poll Result: Do you like the new Wartune update 5.1?

Hey guys, here we share with you the results of the poll we ran “Do you like the new Wartune update 5.1?” where 834 Wartune players voted and the results are just amazing.

The Wartune devs’ work on the patch 5.1 impressed only 12% of their players – a very weak result indeed, which shows that they are not in tune with their players’ needs and that they invest resources to create things which are not loved by the majority of their players. This is further emphasized by 34% of the players choosing the 200% hate/anger option, which means that not only do they not excite and impress their players but, on the contrary, create anger and damage the game.

So we have a huge 61% of players angry, 27% in the middle not excited at all and just 12% happy. Whoever is their boss surely is not aware of these figures otherwise surely he/she would not be happy about their work.

So what can the Wartune devs do not to have fiasco like this?
1) Be in tune with your players/customers; 2) Know what the problems are; 3) Listen to / hire big Wartune bloggers as consultants for you.

Opinion on the Wartune update 5.1 Result Players Voting
0% love 200% hate and anger!!! What are the idio%& doing?! 34% 285
Some good, some bad – I am in the middle! Not impressed. 27% 227
25% love 75% hate it – totally not impressed and even angry! 27% 225
80% love it, great! Some small things don’t like 8% 66
Yep, 100% love it! 4% 31
TOTAL 100% 834

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One Comment

  1. what did they think what players would be ? impressed by the good changes that “optimized” the game ?

    top changes:
    – ruin cloud adventures to useless BS
    – taking underground palace from list ? (not sure tiill now, but on my server most say wont come back)
    even more laaaaggg than before (stead of less)

    only good changes:

    – new version of atoll boss (even when there are dump noobs that kill boss more than 1 time a day, just to piss other players)
    – new guild beast better for smaller guilds and smaller players

    these are only personal things, others might think diff to me

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