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Warrior’s Mark Drop Rates & Analysis v1 [Patch 6.1]

Hey guys, in this post I share with you the drop rates from Warrior’s Mark which was adapted in Patch 6.1 to be purchasable for 1000 Insignia in the Arena Shop and has guaranteed drops of Mount Spirits and Tenacity Marks.

Data / Results

Chance Drops:

The 4 chance drops vary between 23.5% and 27.2% which might indicate that on an infinite sample size it might be set as 25% for each item:

Item Drop # Drop %
Mount Spirit x1 391 23.5%
Soul Crystal x10 424 25.5%
Level 9 Luck Stone x1 452 27.2%
Mount Training Whip x5 394 23.7%
TOTAL 1661 100.0%

Guaranteed Drops:

These are naturally simply the total of the chests for the Mount Spirits and x30 for the Tenacity Marks:

Item Drop # Drop %
Mount Spirit x1 1661 100%
Tenacity Mark x30 1661 100%


Other: Tenacity (Fate) level

The change in this chest done in Patch 6.1 was significant. For example, on COSMOS knight account, I purchased 658 Warrior’s Mark chests which, among other items, yielded 19740 Tenacity Marks which moved my Tenacity (Fate) level from 7 all the way to 28:



Other: Mount Spirits & Beast Soul Analysis

Extra Mount Spirits can be converted into Beast Souls by Crafting/Synthesizing and Recycling the Ice Fang mount, which has +20 stats yielding 80 Beast Souls in exchange for 25 Mount Spirits. This means that roughly 20 Warrior’s Mark chests (20,000 Insignia) is convertible to 80 Beast Souls.

One Level 3 Insignia Seed gives 100 per 12 hours, so assuming just one 12-hour farm collection per day for most people, then 200 seeds = 80 Beast Souls. If planted 18 per day that’s about 11 days to collect. Very active players can cut that in half by farming twice per day.

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