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Imperial Apocalypse vs Ghost Angler Mounts in Wartune

Hey guys, here I share with you the animations I made from Wartune’s new Imperial Apocalypse and Ghost Angler Mounts. Check them out below and give your opinion on the poll and discussions about these new mounts and other interesting discussion points.

Imperial Apocalypse +400 mount animation

Ghost Angler +500 mount animation

Multiple choice Poll – share your opinion

Imperial Apocalypse vs Ghost Angler Mounts and High-tech in Wartune

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Other Discussion Points (post in comments below)

  • Development of mount stats from +10 to now +500 and more.
  • GAP between free and paid: acceptable difference or not?
  • Should games respect themes or be open to anything (think of having an army with bazookas in Lord of the Rings)
  • Other?

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  1. Instead of riding because of this does not add this as a new Tank? because only has 3 Tank Tank with that the battle would become more show.
    And so many people would like a lot, I guarantee that everyone would Love this Tank in Tank Battles.

  2. Look there new Tank, I was going to be a lot Show.
    Who liked the one leathery.

  3. Two shooting barrels between legs… Espeсially if you play female char… Mmmm, sounds like new scenario for japanese trash film 🙂

  4. If an archer can have a Gatling gun, why not a tank for a Mage? 😛

  5. i love them both. nice gif

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