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New ASTROLOGY TAROT Guide & Gameplay – Wartune Patch 8.0

Hi everyone! In this article I present to you my video guide / gameplay on the new Wartune Patch 8.0 feature called ASTROLOGY TAROT as well as the developer guide released to all publishers.

If you have any additional information on ASTROLOGY TAROT system please share by posting in the comments for all Wartune players to benefit or ask questions and I will do my best to answer what I can.

I start with the video (you can watch here or on my YouTube channel) and the develop guide below that:

Video: Wartune Patch 8.0 – New ASTROLOGY TAROT Guide & Gameplay

ASTROLOGY Developer Guide & Additions by COSMOS


There is a natural pull between the astral powers and the earth. An elder living out in the wilderness has discovered the secret of the stars – Zodiac. This newly found power of the Zodiac could be the key to a hero’s success.

Astrology System Entrance

When reaching Advanced Archaeology, players can switch Archaeology to Astrology. Players can also switch Archaeology to Tarot (of Astrology system) on the Prospect panel that can be found in the Wilds.

Astrology Guide

Cosmic Shards Acquisition

  • After switching [Archaeology] to [Tarot], players can start digging for Cosmic Shards in the wilds.
  • Archaeology and Astrology share the same number of dig attempts. Players may switch between Archaeology and Tarot (of Astrology system) as long as they’re not currently digging.

There is also a small chance to collect 50 Cosmic Shards. Here is a picture proof of that thanks to Anubis:

Wish System

  • Invoke: Cosmic Shards obtained from digging under Tarot mode can be used to invoke the Wish system for a random amount of Wish Astra. Invoking can give both Basic and Advanced Wish (see picture below).
  • Basic Wish: Every time the Wish Astra progress bar is full, 1 Basic Wish attempt is granted. Players then have 1 attempt to draw rewards from the Basic Wish Pond.
  • Adv. Wish: For every 7 times the Wish Astra progress bar is full, 1 Adv. Wish attempt is granted. Players receive 1 draw for rewards from the Adv. Wish Pond.
  • Wish Scroll: Players can use Basic Wish Scrolls or Adv. Wish Scrolls to directly obtain wishing attempts.

Rewards in the Wish Ponds will change periodically.

Here is an extract example of invoking showing both Zodiac items as well as Advanced Wish Scrolls:

After you collect the items you can either activate them by double-clicking on them in the Inventory (this will take you directly to the relevant Zodiac) or you can use them under Zodiac via Astrology window.

Unfortunately there is no “Use All” button, so we have to click “Use Item” for every single piece. But it goes fast so it’s not a major problem. Still, the system is completely unnecessarily complex.


  • Every time players make a wish, they may receive a random Zodiac out of the 12 Zodiacs.
  • A Zodiac can be used to activate a random position of the same name Zodiac with a random number. After activating a position, players will receive Zodiac attribute bonus.
  • When all positions of all maps under a specific Zodiac are activated, if the players continue to use that Zodiac, the Zodiac will be converted into 50 Cosmic Shards.

Signs Activation

  • Signs correspond to Zodiacs. There are a total of 12 Signs.
  • Each Zodiac has 9 Component Stars to illuminate. Each activation consumes 1 Star Fire.
  • Success is guaranteed for the first Component Star to be activated. Later on, the success rate of activation will lower as more Component Stars are activated. Players may use 1 Star Fire Spark to increase the success rate to 100%.
  • Each Component Star illuminated offers a 1% Zodiac attribute bonus. When all stars of a level (9 stars) are all illuminated, an additional 20% attribute bonus will be granted.
  • Each Sign has 5 levels. When a Sign is promoted by 1 level, 1 additional Zodiac combination attempt is granted. Max level is 5.

Related Items

  • There is a natural pull between the astral powers and the earth. Collect these Cosmic Shards scattered across the land to make Wishes at Astrology. Source: Dig outside the city.
  • Basic Wish Scroll: Use to make a basic wish.
  • Adv. Wish Scroll: Used to make an adv. wish.
  • Any Zodiac (Apart from Gemini): Can be used to activate a position of the specific Zodiac. When the Zodiac is complete, using it will convert it into Cosmic Shards.
  • Gemini Zodiac: Can be used to activate a position of a random Zodiac. When Zodiacs are complete, using it will convert it into Cosmic Shards.
  • Star Fire: Legendary item said to be a rock derived from the 12 Zodiac stars. Required for illuminating a Sign and empowering the Zodiac.
  • Star Fire Spark: An item created by astronomers for the 12 Zodiac Signs. Can be used to improve the growth of the Star Signs. Each use of Star Fire Spark can increase the success rate of activation to 100%.

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  1. Do you know where to get Star Fire?

    • Likely first Balen events, then hot events / exchanges.
      There is no free daily source at present.
      – COSMOS

  2. I have a smaller player that has reached advanced archaeology and is halfway to expert and it doesn’t allow me to do access the astrology page and I don’t have the button in wilds to switch to tarot.

    • Strange; well that’s what they said is the requirement. Then maybe make a ticket for game support see what they say.
      Good luck,

      • it can be that it is also level dependent like level 80 for example (not sure which level or that it has a level requirement at al)

  3. Zodiac Combination attempts on staring up a sign. I dont get it?

    • Hi, I don’t understand your question to answer it. Maybe you could try to rephrase or explain what you want to know?

  4. how do you even get to adv archaeology

    • You do a lot of Archaeology 🙂
      See your level and experience on top of that window

  5. All of my Zodiac borders are now green and my signs are all 5 stars. Will I need to do the signs again when the borders turn blue, purple and orange (I am assuming they will)?

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