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Various Wartune Q&A: Zodiac, Next Patch, Etc

Hi everyone! I thought to make this various Wartune Q&A post to share info / knowledge to help all Wartune players. If there are other questions or feedback just post it down in the comments section for everyone to benefit from the discussion.

Q&A on Zodiac

OK here we go. First off a Q&A about Zodiac. There was a question from JoAnn about this so I thought to make a separate post to share with everyone. The question was:

“All of my Zodiac borders are now green and my signs are all 5 stars. Will I need to do the signs again when the borders turn blue, purple and orange (I am assuming they will)?”

The system is indeed designed in a bit stupid way creating confusion. So here goes:

There are Stars under Zodiac and there are also Stars under Signs.

Under SIGNS the Stars go up to a maximum of 9 and that’s it – there is no more. So once that’s done Wartune players normally don’t need anymore Star Fires and Star Fire Sparks.

The color of the border under ZODIAC comes from the Stars below the puzzle.

  • It starts with grey / white = no star
  • Green = 1 star
  • Blue = 2 stars
  • Red = 5 stars

When your SIGN Stars are maxed out then the maximum amount of puzzles are unlocked allowing you to fill them up with Zodiacs and raise the ZODIAC Stars.

Zodiac puzzles can be “temporarily” maxed out if the SIGN Stars are low or not upped yet. This rule can be used as a “trick” to raise only 1 specific Zodiac whereby all Gemini Zodiacs will give points always to only one Zodiac. This is what I did with Scorpio in this case, which is red for me as shown in the picture above.

I hope this is all clear and if someone sees any mistake or if the game rules change please post feedback in the comments section.

Q&A: When is the next Wartune Patch?

It seems the next game update / Wartune Patch is planned for April 2019.

Details are not available at present / they are working on it. It is not known yet if it is going to be a big patch with some major feature(s) or a smaller patch with a list of “lesser” or “smaller” features / optimizations.

Furthermore, with such things timing can change if it is necessary in case, for example, if their management makes a new decision about something or they change their mind about what features to include / exclude from the patch.

But all that said we should expect April to be the timing.

Q&A: Are you Dolby Games?

Am I Dolby Games? Normally no (Dolby is a big company – nothing to do with me), but perhaps yes under a specific circumstance.

Apparently some people call the DolyGames “brand” I created/invented as Dolby Games to bypass the Orwellian fascist R2Games website(s) censors because for I guess around 5-6 years now they have censored / banned all names related to me such as COSMOS or DolyGames and/or perhaps variations + all URLs while at the same time spreading lies about me.

They don’t allow anybody to talk about me or say my name or share my posts and in their eyes I am not allowed to exist as a human being (or I can as long as I am invisible and don’t talk and nobody talks about me). Everyone who did so was banned. I have no idea why these scum are allowed to operate freely but that’s apparently what R2Games likes.

Like sometimes players mention to me, they made me into Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter – the “He Who Must Not Be Named” LOL ūüôā but maybe pick something else than Dolby Games because if someone searches that it would go to something which has nothing to do with Wartune.

Q&A: Will they change / improve Wartune events?

There was no communication about it. They have been doing the same cycle for a while now and I know some players have quit due to this and other Wartune frustrations. Their behavior would not be allowed in any professional game company – that’s for sure. I don’t think the lower level employees who create/implement events should be blamed – it is the responsibility of management to oversee / approve and implement positive processes in the company. And based on facts of what has already happened their management is simply incompetent while at the same time boasting in their annual reports about the fantastic job they are doing.

The only thing I did hear back about is that they may be planning to do more events outside of the game such as via Forums/Facebook or external Web-page, i.e. outside of the game, perhaps putting a link inside the game inviting players to go outside to do the event.

But other than that there does not seem to be a recognition on their side that they are doing a bad job for a long time already.

Q&A: What do you mean 1 energy to both Harass and Kill in Guild Siege?

Update: Note: I have received conflicting reports about this, so please take this paragraph as “maybe” not 100% sure.

I will try to clarify: there is a rare case where someone can kill the enemy in the Guild Siege during the few rounds of harass. Note: Harass is not a full battle, it only goes for a couple of rounds and ends. I don’t even know why a “battle” is necessary for this.

So if one player can kill another within few rounds it means that the player’s Battle Rating is significantly higher in which case there was no point doing harass in the first place.

Normally you would use 1 energy to harass and 1 energy to attack (making a total of 2 energy points) but if you kill during harass that basically becomes the same as you attacking so the game then takes only 1 energy i suppose.

Q&A: Is it a good idea to skip events to save up resources?

Yes and no – it depends on the type of event / the event configuration. I have posted event efficiency articles under the ANALYSIS category to help with this. So for example:

  • If your plan is to use inside 1 day a total of 16 clothing identifications then yes, it is better to keep skipping it until you gather 16 of them.
  • However, if you target to use 100 Mount Hoofs for refining events then it is better to use 100 every day during every such event and not save up thousands.

All that also depends upon our belief about future events. On one side some players argue that since they do not communicate with players then you are better off using everything as fast as possible and having the highest BR possible as a consequence and on the other side other players argue that, for exact same reason of no communication with players, that we should save up resources in case new events show up.

Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. One advice I give to players is to use the rule “if I can kill what I need to kill without using the items” then don’t use the items – save them. But you also have to judge if the ongoing event cycle is a “simple” or “normal” one and if “special” events might be coming, such as Christmas events. You also have to consider your inventory space and your own personality if you like to gather things or use them fast.

Q&A: Are they going to fix the lag?

I hope they are regularly working to improve things, but, at the same time, they are also adding new problems and as the quantity of problems they create is greater than the quantity of issues they fix, then over months / years players get more frustrations than solutions, which is a leading factor for those players who quit.

So if you take their word as an answer then yes “they are working on it”, but they have been saying that every year for all the past years. They like to blame the players or I should say blame the “different systems” so many players have, but in reality the vast majority of the lag is created by their bad coding or bad design and the players’ “inefficiency” effect comes on top of that.

The problem comes, again, from their incompetent management – as long as they keep approving systems and processes which lead to additional lag the lag issue will never get solved. That said, make sure you go read my article called “TIPS to help fix lag problems in Wartune” because you as player can adjust some things to make your Wartune experience a little bit better.

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  1. About the guild siege harass tip, are you saying if you can kill the person while you are harassing them, that it takes away hp from the tower and counts as an attack?

    • Yes, that’s the feedback I have received, i.e. any killing be it “normal” or “during harass” I am told will take 1 energy point / have same consequences as a “kill”. I have not been able to test this myself, so I am passing on the information I have received, so if anyone does not have this please share. That said, this is a very rare case, because you have to be significantly stronger than the enemy to kill during harass timing and anyone who is much stronger than the enemy does not even think about harassing and goes for a normal attack.

      • I have tested this and it did not count as a kill, it didn’t take away hp from the tower

      • Just to confirm/clarify, you fully killed the enemy player + Eudaemon + Willpower before the Harass Victory/Defeat happened?
        Thanks for sharing

      • Yes

  2. The lag issue will never be resolved as long as the game remains a flash game and they keep adding more content, imho.
    Most players i know have left because the social construct of the game is gone. There is simply no one left in the game to talk to.
    Also, they have left because it gets tiresome doing the same stuff day after day for rewards for new player toons.
    I hate to see the game die as it is unique in it’s class of games. You have to play smart to be good. Most other games you point and click your way through what needs to be done

    • Thanks for sharing. I think many, including myself, agree with your comment. I have tried to communicate the issues to them, but I don’t feel like they even acknowledge the various points.
      For me also it is very sad to see the damage done to Wartune which is why I raise issues to discuss / show / communicate to them in hopes that the situation improves.
      I will continue to hope and wait for positive things and if in reality it does not happen then that’s that – I will not have regrets.

  3. I see “after 5-6 years” you still NOT understand what COMMUNISM word means! China is NOT France! LOL

    • lucky that this is just a game and I can simply ignore them and focus on my own work/blogging, but I know a lot of people suffer from this kind of censorship / personal attacks in real life all over the world making them lose their jobs/income/reputation/etc which is horrible
      and I am a simple person without any power so I cannot do anything about it other than sometimes to talk about it

  4. Mini Client not working for me since March 13. I have updated Flash and still Black Screen on MiniClient. Anyone can help me?

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