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[Record Book] Biggest Damage Dealt in 1 Attack in Wartune

Hey guys, in this article we are going to start a record book by tracking the biggest damage dealt with one attack in Wartune! If you break the records below please email to Cosmos a clear quality screenshot with your damage figure (and any tips or thoughts you wish to share) and we will add you to the ranking 🙂

Rule 1: no cheating / hacking. Has to be on a real / normal game server.
Rule 2: any new bigger damage to break the record must be minimum 5% bigger (to prevent too frequent updating).
Note: As we are just starting up the list is short, but will get bigger and bigger over time.

Spire Dungeon Records (Teamwork)

Remember in Spire the achievement actually belongs to the whole team, but in the below ranking we are noting down the damage dealer.

#1 = Mr☆Strife with 682,289,472 damage (20 March 2016)

Full screenshot proof / link: HERE

#2 = Cane with 612,482,112 damage (17 May 2016)

Full screenshot proof / link: HERE

#3 = Cane with 518,139,200 damage (8 April 2016)

Full screenshot proof / link: HERE

#4 = Lilbisch with 307,275,936 damage (20 March 2016)

Full screenshot proof / link: HERE

Additional info/tips by Team: Lilbisch hit it with his Thor, the team was Sparkhawk, Fealindale, and Asher.

#5 = Cane with 146,193,792 damage (18 March 2016)
Update: 285,332,704 damage (20 March 2016)

Full screenshot 285m dmg. proof / link: HERE
Full screenshot 146m dmg. proof / link: HERE

Additional info/tips from Cane: I am using base Thor, 1 star orange, 0 adv marha, 0 adv seps (waiting for an event). The other 3 of my team, Cosmo, Essobee and Xerxes all have on Frigga, GOP and Freya to stagger cast steal and keep me in sylph form. My passive for Thor’s damage built up to a staggering 19/20. You can also notice the archer knighthood damage increase to party and damage to target were also in effect. 3 of the 4 wind rangers had just cast cursed arrow thus stacking the damage dealt. Tea’s, scrolls and warrior’s call were still on since we had just finished our Dragon Invasion run. Lastly, I stacked my brutality rune and Vulcan wrath to Crit with one of Thor’s delphic attacks. Anyhow, I would love to see if someone out there has ever had, or can have a hit higher than 146 million in 1 shot.

#6 = EvilArrow with 134,227,488 damage (14 Mar 2016)

Full screenshot proof / link: HERE

Additional info/tips by Elia: full video with explanations:
➜ Wartune Guide & Gameplay – Strategy for FAST Spire Nightmare

World Boss Records (Solo job)

None yet.

Other Records

We will open up categories as needed once we start receiving the screenshots.

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  1. wow another non-event day for free players on 20 March 2016

    good luck r2…

  2. They ruined a good game thanks a lot r2. Great job dolly but no one is playing the game anymore my whole server left thanks to them time to find another game that’s worth my time

  3. Would love some details from Mr.Strife, 682 mill is crazy.

  4. all of these are only possible with 4 cursed arrows, the highest without i bet would not even top 50 mil

    • sure, that’s why it is written in the heading “Teamwork” under Spire records category

  5. I think weaker players like these players can beat them 😀 when they ll focus on ruthnessless and deteriminatior 🙂 if they hit right high percentage attack from ruthnessless and enemy having debuffs such as damnation with usage of delphic sylph skills 🙂 but I m too weak to try it my max was 5 mil atk 🙂

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