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Knights vs Angels

Hey all,
I’m M3shyS and I’m a new author around here. Apart from that, today we will be talking about which is better for each type of class, and if it is a personal choice or not.

The Knights and Angels are fantastic troops, Mages normally go with Knights, however some do go with Angels – Archers can go with either, however many more archers use Angels then you think. Knights are often seen with Angels more then Knights.

Knight (class): Angels will be effective if your character has  high stats (PDEF, Battle Rating, PATK) etc, but if not, Knights will provide a high DPS while your main character can get high MDEF and HP and PDEF (while working on PATK as well), this in my opinion would be very effective. And Angels have a high MDEF which is very useful.

Archer (class): Archers can work great with both, no matter what the stats but Archers already have a high Damage so most people would go with Angels. Knights however, can tank for the Archers easily.

Mages (class): As we know mages are powerful in there Magic Attack however they lack the PDEF they need, therfor, Knights would be an awesome troop to help them out with the PATK damage they would be receiving.

Summary: There is a mix between personal choice and logic when choosing your troop type. Some people have compared it as: Paladian – Knight, Priest – Angel this is debatable however does have some logic behind it, in other words, if you used Paladians you’d be good with Knights as your troop type.

Also: New troops will be coming for Level 50 players,  so you’d be able to switch after reaching then, which would be recommended. And it is known Knights are good for duels and Battleground and Knights are extremely amazing with the World Boss. So if you are planning to switch in the future, or train both, using the Knights to your advantage in the World Boss will help you get Daru to level up your troops ( when participating you will not lose any troops or hp in WB)

Here is some stats of Knights and Angels, credit to MiHyun on the forum, who said:

”Don’t laugh at my academy”

Thanks for reading,

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