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Gold Broken Space Chest Drop Rate Report

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you my drop rate analysis / report on the Gold Broken Space Chest which drops the shards for the Relics / Artifacts.

The Gold Broken Space Chest drops 25 random Artifact shards and we need 100 of a particular shard to synthesize the Relics.

Also important to point out that once you already have a Relic then you can still synthesize another one and when you try to activated it then the game will recycle that into Cast Stones, which is very nice, otherwise we would end up overloaded with useless shards.

So let’s have a look at the report in both in a table and a picture format. First up the image report I prepared:

Table Format:

Shard Drops (each = 25) % Drop
Demonic Texture Shard 82 8.20%
Paralyzing Dagger Shard 106 10.60%
Sword of Delusion Shard 61 6.10%
Unholy Saber Shard 104 10.40%
Spear of Slumber Shard 88 8.80%
Azure Stiletto Shard 87 8.70%
Oracle Arch Shard 63 6.30%
Hide of Heroism Shard 78 7.80%
Valor’s Edge Shard 75 7.50%
Hand of Riddles Shard 92 9.20%
Rapier of Damnation Shard 88 8.80%
Downfall Spear Shard 76 7.60%
TOTAL 1000 100.00%


  • The sample size of 1000 is generally really good, but because there are many shards even 1000 is not giving a super accurate picture.
  • My original expectation was that everything would have the same drop rate. There are 12 types of shards and so I expected their drop rates to be fixed at 8.3% each. However, the range of drops from the analysis is showing them to be between 6.1% and 10.6%.
  • The lower % are on the 2 Relics which reflect damage and have a chance to heal. However, it is not really clear if the game thinks these Relics / Artifact shards are “more special” or if the sample size is not big enough for so many shards.

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  1. it’s weird, my 2 first relics is sword of delusion and oracle arch

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