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Gift Piles – Valentine’s Day – 100 Collections Data

Hey everyone! I collected 100 gift piles of data from the Valentine’s Day event and I share with you my results below so you can make your own estimations and plans.

First observation is that it is going to be important to collect all 100 gift piles every day as they give all 4 event items:

Here is the picture collage I made with the event items resulting from collecting 100 gift piles:

  • Top left: Crystal Shoes = 10 pieces
  • Bottom left: Lucky Chest = 6 pieces
  • Top right: Diamond Ring = 4 pieces
  • Bottom right: Headdress = the event mini item = 150 pieces

Now the event looks to be going for 8 days assuming that it is not going to be extended. So for 8 days we can collect 800 gift piles, which, based on the above data is estimated to give:

  • Crystal Shoes = 80 pieces
  • Lucky Chest = 48 pieces
  • Diamond Ring = 32 pieces
  • Headdress = 1200 pieces

Note: the above is based on simple collection. If someone can spend some balens and use the Blessing Potion then you can get more rewards.

In the Exchange #2 the Banquet set trades for 1200 event mini items (Headdress) so the above 8 day collection buys you 1 full set 100% for free.

If you have feedback or suggestions to all Wartune players feel free to write it in the comments below.

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  1. in the last event they removed event items in the last day .. then i couldn’t the mount card

  2. thanks for the analysis. Keep up the good work!

    • 🙂

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