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Female Clothing Evil Sorcerer by Deea Barbu

Hey guys, here is another piece of art from Deea of a smexy female clothing / evil sorcerer:

I hear she is lethal with her frightening claw, powerful staff and the alluring dangerous smexy look 😛

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  1. Sorry hate it, but suspect R2 or PC will love it. I want a female ninja outfit – but know that it would look good for males and trashy for females.

    • Hey Azahra,
      It’s no problem at all 🙂
      Art is something that someone loves and someone doesn’t.
      If you draw a female ninja send me I’ll publish hehehe 🙂

  2. No problem with the art, just the costume. Female characters always get given slutty outfits. Surprised they have not given Catholic Schoolgirl a try 😀

    • hehehehe

  3. sorry i also don’t like it because clothes are too “slutty”, as the player above my comment said, but the drawing is good however 🙂

  4. she made this drawing by my request, so blame me if you find something inappropriate.
    she drew this in less than 15 minutes btw, and she did an awesome job.
    you should see her “serious” work and will be amazed by then 🙂

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