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Pretty Female Mage Clothing Design (LucyH)

Hey guys, here I share with you a pretty Wartune clothing set / design by LucyH. If you like it and want to prepare the same for yourself then use the following items:

  • Violet Night Helm
  • Venus’ Garment
  • Tree Elf Blade
  • Golden Scale Wings

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  1. That’s very pretty. I think mages look much prettier in the clothing outfits than the archers do. Between the stance the archer is in and the enormous weapon, the armor can’t really be seen. But the mage in the same outfit is usually lovely.

  2. It’s nice, but I’ve never been too fond of that head piece. The combination I’ve come up with (again, female mage) that I’ve been enjoying a lot is:
    Night Hacker Headwear
    Golden Scale Finery
    Crystal Swan Blade
    Demon Fighter Wings

    I LOVE the Golden Scale Finery for mages. It very quickly became my favorite.

  3. The weapon color is wrong. It should be pink or gold. The rest of the outfit looks fine. I love the golden scale wings too.

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