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30% Damage Reduction in MP Dungeons

Hey guys, since the major changes were made to the Card System in the last major Wartune patch were able to choose which cards to upgrade with Magic Dust and no longer were bound to the cards that would fall from the chests. This was a significant change and I chose to use this system update to focus 100% on the damage reduction in Multiplayer Dungeons, because Narrandera Remains dungeon is rather difficult for most people and surely they will keep on adding more challenges in MP Dungeons.

Magic Dust card system and explore

Other people might decide to invest into Battleground advantages, but the way BG is setup now i don’t think it gives a huge benefit. I highly recommend to stay away from the card system for Catacombs/Necro, Spire, and Team Arena. I suggest the following order for high level / BR players:

  1. MP Dungeon cards
  2. Battleground cards
  3. Team Arena cards
  4. Spire cards
  5. Cata/Necro cards

For low level players I suggest:

  1. Cata/Necro cards to build up equipment fast
  2. Spire cards only if you don’t have strong people helping you
  3. others based on what you do more of

Tauren Knight Karfa 30 percent damage reduction – card system

Here you can see my Tauren Knight Karfa card which is maxed out at level 9 giving 30% reduction to damage received – a pretty significant benefit (it’s like having a second Goddess Astral).

Tauren Knight Karfa 30 percent damage reduction - card system

Card System: Upgrade Costs:

As mentioned, upgrading cards will require Magic Dust, which is gotten by recycling explored cards. Unfortunately i did not write down all the costs, but I deduced the whole table based on the data I did collect. That said, if you find any error in the table please put down in the comments or email me and i will update the article:

From – To White Cards
Magic Dust
Green Cards
Magic Dust
Blue Cards
Magic Dust
Purple Cards
Magic Dust
Level 1 to Level 2 50 100 150 200
Level 2 to Level 3  100 200 300 400
Level 3 to Level 4 150  300  450 600
Level 4 to Level 5 200 400 600  800
Level 5 to Level 6  250 500 750  1000
Level 6 to Level 7  300  600  900  1200
Level 7 to Level 8 350 800
Level 8 to Level 9 500

Discussion about MP Dungeon Cards not working for Narrandera – i do not agree

So a number of players posted that they disagree with this post because they say MP Dungeon cards do not work for Events as the text states on the Card System window and so they believe (without checking) that the cards do not work for Narrandera. I disagree with this (some others also) and I present the animation proof below which I prepared from my Narrandera video where you can clearly see that I do an Ultimate Slasher (rage must remain the same) but my rage increases exactly by 2 rage points which is exactly what the purple card gives for MP Dungeons. So based on this we can conclude or assume that all MP Dungeon cards work for the Narrandera Remains dungeon (although there is no way to test the % cards to be 1000% exact):

This file is 2MB so it will slow down the page loading but this is the most clear way I can show it.

+2 rage from purple card in Narrandera Cosmos DolyGames

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  1. Cards don’t work on the weekly mpd because its an *event dungeon*

  2. “because Narrandera Remains dungeon is rather difficult for most people and surely they will keep on adding more challenges in MP Dungeons.”

    narrandera is an event, not a mpd, cards do not apply to narrandera.

  3. Luckily for the rest of us, you’re both wrong Christy and Mutant. Just try it out, I can guarantee that the cards from Tauren Tribe applies to Narrandera, because the system catalogues Narrandera as an MPD, and not as an Event Dungeon, no matter in which tab it’s put. The Event Dungeons are still ToK and Spire, even though they’re placed in the Chapter 2 tab. Don’t believe me? Try Narrandera and see if the effect of Tauren Tribe’s purple card activates. If you do get +X amount of rage extra on each attack, then I’m right 😉 And no, purple cards are all different, so i’m not comparing apples with oranges. Also, you’re welcome 🙂

  4. Green 7 to 8 is 800 not 700

    • Hey buddy are you 100% sure? cause that would deviate from the formulas
      Thanks in advance for confirming.

      • yes… want screen shot?

      • Yes he is right, 7>8 costs 800

      • And by the way, 8>9 costs 1000

      • thanks both corrected, let me know if anything else pops up

      • white 8>9 500

  5. Even if it does count right now, it will be fixed most likly. So enjoy it while it last :p

    • there is no reason to believe that because Narra is absolutely an MP Dungeon totally similar to other dungeons, it is not a tiny room event like TOK and Spire

      • I would agree, if it wasn’t that it STATES it. “EVENT DUNGEON EXCLUDED”. They wouldn’t add that unless it is meant to not work.

      • And do you also believe the text that says that you will avoid all damage 1/3rd of the time from the illusion astral? They have proven multiple times that they have very little knowledge of their own game and they often make things with bad quality / incorrect things.

      • All I am saying is that it clearly states it shouldn’t work. You’ve been around long, and you should know by now, if there is a bug or something, that benefits the player, they will fix it. If it doesn’t, they won’t. I am hoping they don’t fix it as the card bonuses would be useless if it doesn’t work for event mpd.

  6. Let me add something to this.
    If rage addition is enough to make a statement, then ToK is also considered an MPD (At least, in Russian Wartune. Maybe someone can check this). So, 30% damage reduction also works for ToK.

  7. Probably its working in ToK too. Else i have no chance to do ToK Hard with average 1.1 mil BR team succesfuly. But we are clearing it with this team and %30 card helps a lot.

    • P.S.: 1.1 mil BR with Eudaemons

  8. white card 8>9 cost 500

    • thanks updated with this figure

  9. Blue Card 6->7 Cost 1200 in russian wartune.
    Pic is here:

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