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Elia’s August 2015 Class Wars Videos

It was an extremely fun Class Wars this month, and the first time I’ve used a water sylph as my main sylph. Though in recent history I’ve mostly used a dark or wind sylph, I’ve previously used light and fire as well. Since everyone builds up so much dark resistance for Class Wars, many other players brought sylphs that were not their main/highest BR pets to finals. The mages’ final sylph tally was:

  • 2 Light+Dark sylphs
  • 4 Dark sylphs
  • 3 Fire sylphs
  • 1 Wind sylph
  • 2 Electro sylphs
  • 4 Water sylphs (including mine)

So the only type of sylph that was missing was a pure light sylph! It’s definitely the first time I’ve seen so much variety, and it made things very fun.

Congratulations to all the winners! Azrican continues to amaze me with how many times he can win Class Wars; Cyprus won his 2nd in a row and is looking super dominant in the knight field these days; and lala has had an amazing streak of tournament wins this month!

Check out all the action in the my gameplay videos! I also include my monthly character overview and show refining Triton into Poseidon 🙂

Class Wars Preliminaries

Sylph Refinement – Triton into Poseidon

Class Wars Finals

Character Overview

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  1. Hello, I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but I would like to share a new Circuit quest mission.

    • That is not a new CQ “mission”, I have seen it before the eudeamon was there ^^,

  2. In my server section Kelbeams is also like lala, she won chaos war titan war and i dont remeber how many class wars in a row (at least two XD) and i havent seen any loki or odin beside her`s and also there are only 4 red sylph which one is her odin a her fire sylph as well also in sylph arena br she is almost at 800k with her odin arise and poseidon

  3. Hey Eliatan I checked your last video and could see you have 5 Expert Dimensions. How can you achieve that? I spend a lot trying to get better but I have no luck, is there any trick?

    Great toon btw!


    • You need 910 resistance to make sure your steps only cost 1 energy. I started back on Sunday, doing 2 experts to lvl 9, and so they were able to last through Saturday. I’ve been asked this question quite a bit now, so I’ll try to write up a blog post about the details some time soon!

      • Oh, I didn’t know that it will decrease the exploration cost with higher resistance.

        Thanks a lot for the answer, I am really looking forward to read from you more about this matter.


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