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CUTIES FEED Guide & Feed Combinations | Wartune Patch 8.5

Hey everyone! In this article I focus on the Cuties FEED category, share the various feeding combinations and the highlight the best feeding options. Also thanks to Valérie & Rando for sharing info.

Cuties Feed Guide Content:

  • The Cuties Feed items
  • TABLE: Feed item & stats
  • Feed Items’ Distribution
  • TABLE: Feeding combinations & best options
  • Other / Comments / Discussion

The Cuties Feed items

So far we have 3 Feed Items (perhaps later more will be added):

  • Kabob
  • Truffle
  • Mushroom

TABLE: Feed item & stats

Feed Item Appetite Bonus Appetite if Success Added Success Rate
Kabob +20 +0 (/ 20) +0
Truffle +10 +10 +25%
Mushroom +5 +5 +50%

Feed Items’ Distribution

Before we look at the combinations it is also important that we see the Feed Items Distribution. This will help us see what we will have a lot of and which item(s) will remain if we use some combinations versus others.

To get this distribution I have simply collected the FEED items I cooked since I got the patch and this is the item relationship I have:

Here we have about 100 items and this means that:

  • About 60% we should expect to be Kabobs
  • About 15% Truffles
  • And about 20-25% Mushrooms

Truffles seem to be the more rare item with the data I have at present.

TABLE: Feeding combinations & best options

2 important points:

  • There are 6 slots for feeding so whatever combination we use has to use maximum of 6 items.
  • The double appetite bonus from successful feeding works for Kabob also!

The Combinations:

Feeding combinations Total Items Success Rate Total Appetite Points Gained
1x Mushroom + 2x Truffle + 3x Kabob 6 100% 170
2x Mushroom + 4x Kabob 6 100% 180
4x Truffle + 2x Kabob 6 100% 160
1x Mushroom + 1x Truffle + 4x Kabob 6 75% 190
2x Truffle + 4x Kabob 6 50% 200

So we see from this table that the 2x Mushroom + 4x Kabob is the most optimal combination. This does leave the Truffles as a leftover but that’s OK as those can be used in one of the other combinations.

If it is not super clear the combination points are calculated by:

  • ( Feed Item #1 Points x Quantity + Feed Item #2 Points x Quantity + Feed Item #3 Points x Quantity) x 2 (for 100% success) = Total Points Gained

For risk taker Wartune players the 75% success rate combination is also curious, because it uses all the 3 items while giving 190 points. However, this means that it will succeed 3 out of 4 times and the loss of items from the 1 failed attempt I think is too large and therefore I cannot recommend that one.

Other / Comments / Discussion

  • To level up to the next tier we need 500 feed points. This is about 3 times the 2x Mushroom + 4x Kabob combination.
  • In the beginning I would suggest not to rush into feeding. It is not clear if we will need to level up all the Cuties or not. So just cook / collect if not 100% sure.
  • Any other / additional points or feedback for this Wartune Cuties Feeding Guide please post in the comments below so we can all discuss / help one another.

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  1. how many stars, how many levels, how can equip other weapons like Cuties Fists?

    • There are 3 stars, 120 levels, each Cutie has it’s own 1 type of accessory.
      (I’ve covered all this in my posts/videos)

  2. it seems i hit a cap with 40 cutties summoned. sowe better take care what we summon

  3. how u advance after u clear fetid swamp map? thanks!

    • currently Fetid is the last map, with 1031 exp per minute being the current max, we suppose they will add more later

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