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Cosmos’s Unique Strategy for Sky Trail L6 (VI-1) Water Boss

Hey guys, in this post I want to share with you a unique strategy for passing L6 or LVI Sky Trail Water Boss, where the biggest challenge is coming from the boss casting a 50% reflect shield which is not possible to scatter. There may be other strategies for this boss, but this is the one I created for myself and share with you to help anyone else who might be struggling and bear in mind that a lot of the strategy videos out there on Sky Trail are from a lot more powerful characters, so i think this is a great strategy for this boss.

Boss damage was not an issue

The first thing to observe or to note is that the damage done by the boss was not an issue. I just had one Advanced Water Dimension and level 8 resistance crystals resulting in a Water resistance of 872 and I feel this was enough. I also didn’t spin the Blessing Wheel yet that day and I didn’t have any potion or scroll or milk power ups. And on the screenshot at the bottom you can see I could survive like this up to +30 additional boss buff or 1500% damage increase of the boss.

So the major issue with this boss is the 50% damage reflection shield that he casts after he has 2 lives left, which basically makes you kill yourself.

Archers, and then Knights have the hardest time

UPDATE: I updated this part from “Knights having the hard time” to archers based on good feedback that I received that archers lack a lot of neutral skills to avoid damage.

This boss is the hardest for archers since they do not have many neutral attacks that buff themselves or that don’t deal damage, so they end up killing themselves rather fast. Next in difficulty are knights and, lastly, it is the easiest for mages. Mages can easily spend the time during the reflection shield to heal themselves – for them this boss would be a walk in the park.

The Strategy and the Video showing it

In the video, you will see the following strategy:

Troops and Eudaemon

These don’t matter much unless you are very strong, but mine died within few turns so I just gave my Eudaemon some healing to bring me to 100% before it dies.

Sylph usage

I use my Hercules 2 times to take off the first 2 lives of the boss and that’s it. You must not use (damage) sylph after as the reflect could kill you in one shot, so the aim is to use Delphic damage right before his 2nd life to get as deep inside it as possible and then revert to human form.

Skill usage

The key part of this strategy is my choice of skills:

I actually failed one time without intercept (I had the slasher there) so with this set of skills I can buy the maximum possible time for the strategy to work. The aim of them all is to avoid hitting the boss as much as possible until his shield wears off. The Blood rune is also not for damage, but is chosen due to the fact that I can use it 3 times and this is important for when your rage is down, in order to be able to continue buying time.

The 50% Reflect Damage shield duration

So the whole purpose of the strategy is to survive the 50% damage shield duration in this unique way – not with a water sylph healing or other ways. It will take 50 turns for the shield to wear off and that’s the time you must survive until you can make the killing blow.

the VIDEO: Guide Cosmos’s Unique Strategy for Sky Trail L6 Water Boss

Unpredictable Boss Behavior

I feel also the behavior of the boss is somewhat unpredictable. In the screenshot below, from an earlier test run, you can see him buffing up to +30 additional damage, which is 1500% increase of damage on top of the 1st buff, but he did not do this behavior in my success video above. That said, you might have to try fighting him several times to achieve success.

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  1. I have a unique strategy as well that happened to me today by sheer luck. Stare the boss down until it glitches in fear and can’t bear to put up the reflect buff. Then proceed to kill it mercilessly >:)

  2. hi yes i very hard pass it. for this need good Kind(Eudaemon) and need skill full heal for kind.

  3. I fought the water boss (with reflect) a few times
    (4th time i think) until it had no reflect come up on the last bar. I think it does this on many of the other challenges in R2. I used the hades to fight for the healing it has, but i believe it was luck not to get the reflect

  4. tnx GM…

  5. This is some Avesta level stuff.

    (If you don’t know, Avesta is a Final Fantasy 11 legendary player who would spend hours soloing a monster just to prove it could be done.)

    • wow very honored 🙂 thank you 🙂

  6. Well this way’s pretty crappy, specially since you’re using Hercules.

    There’s a much easier way: Take Triton with Warm Spring and Ice Bolt, do not Delphic the boss so your awakening lasts much longer. Since both Warm Spring and Ice Bolt have fair cooldown you can simply spam those two skills. When you need a bigger heal you just cast a Rain Dance once in a while.

  7. I’m a little confused by something, it didn’t start its attack buffs until AFTER the reflect wore off? is that normal?

    • like i wrote in the article this boss is not consistent in what it does every fight – i don’t know if this is because of bad programming or design, but like some people mentioned he even sometimes does not put his reflect shield

      • After a few attempts, this boss completely glitches on me. didn’t reflect, didn’t buff, didn’t even attack after first life bar down. so much stressing. for nothing. haha. Thanks for the strat though, I almost had it doing it this way. 🙂

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