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COSMOS Knight Achieves Knighthood and Tips (with Video)

Hey guys, in this Wartune Achievement & Tips short post I share with you my COSMOS Knight’s milestone of obtaining Knighthood after many months of patiently planning, strategically using resources and gathering henna. Here I will give you bullet point highlights and the video itself:

Knighthood and Tips covered in the video

  • Using the best ROI (return on investment) for your henna using our Scenarios analysis for Expert Tattoo events. On my knight I used 2 scenarios, 1st the 50/50/50 (the higher scenario I could not achieve) and in this video when achieving Knighthood I finished off using the 50/30/0 scenario, which has a bit lower return, but I went for it to get to KH.
  • For Knighthood for those people who have limited henna you gotta spread out and use all 8 tattoo slots rather than cranking up a few. This will damage you in the longer term, but you will benefit by getting to KH faster.
  • That works out to +750 attribute per slot, which is very much achievable with the 25%+ reduced Knighthood requirements on the 8th of June.
  • Always keeping a good amount of regular henna for making adjustments.
  • Not rushing to destroy Charisma to prevent losing 5000 Attack.
  • Calculating loss ratios to have the most benefit.
  • Using temporary tricks with gems to fix the Charisma Attack loss problem.
  • Strategically skipping events, even interesting ones, in order to do the right events at the right time to the max.
  • Knighthood is not a destination, it is only step 1, what comes after is a lot more challenging (I am saying this especially for people complaining about the “big problem” of reaching Knighthood)


Wartune Achievement & Tips – COSMOS Knight Achieves Knighthood

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  1. About splitting your Advance henna in your 8 tattoos.
    You said that will damage in the long term.

    Why is that? How does it affect?

    • Hi. Because in this situation we end up wasting advance henna on sub-2k level where it would be better for us, if we had the possibility, to max out with regular first, at least to 1400-1500 before using advanced. So it is a decision between 2 scenarios: either using henna with maximum efficiency and delaying KH or taking KH (only if you are 99%/100% sure you can reach). Each scenario has its benefits.
      For cashers or people who use money for henna this is not really an issue, this was only a tip / information for free players.

  2. Dear cosmos, BR rise after knight hood ( around 230k) is significant but in your case it was nominal why so ?

    • BR jump from what? BR does not jump for no reason

    • The main increase in BR is going to come from Talents and Titans. Once you get a Titan you will initially get +100 on all resists, which will raise your BR. Then if you have enough BB’s you can get your Talents up and really boost your BR. KH in and of itself really won’t bump up the BR.

      • Thanks for adding this explanation Tom

  3. gz on knighood,and big thax for info

    • thanks 🙂

  4. Gratz on making knighthood.

    • thank you

  5. Sadly all free players are still atleast 4-5 months away even when the box exchange for 1k adv henna lines up with an event with lots of boxes

    • not all, many are but some who planned strategically in the last 6 months have already achieved KH

    • I have seen a lot more KH’s in BG in the last few days. Having the Tattoo Gifts really has boosted the amount of Henna people have to get KH.

  6. Hi again from France! Thank you so much to the Doly team for the hard work. Although I can’t be a Patron, I make your avertise through my server.
    Keep it up!

  7. cosmos..can u make a video about KH skill for knight..where we should put our point first..should we make the first 2 skill to max..or what…what is effective the most..

  8. I am an archer..if it will be 3 or 4 months before i can get the tattoo stats for the Attack path..but i have the tattoo stats to qualify for knighthood now on the defense path..would you wait..or do it now so i can start getting experience applied?

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