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Compilation of Fun Social Posts & Other [May 2017]

Hey guys, here is a compilation of various short posts/pictures I had posted on our social media pages:

How many Crypt Tokens do you have?

Developing Potions

With a daily purchase limit of only 2000 it is such a pain in the rear end to gather 100k+ Developing Potions. And a huge pressure on inventory space.

When was last time you bought anything in the Spire Shop?


Mentor “Wisdom”

As the unqualified R2, similarly, this so called “R2Mentor” with 6 month+ outdated knowledge:

A pretty nice Cloud Adventure run

Yielding 353 Nickels. Anyone got lucky to get even more than this?

Wartune Holy King’s Ass fun

Wartune Elven Priest’s Ring and Ass fun

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