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Compilation of Fun Social Posts & Other [MAR 2018]

Hey everyone! Here is a compilation of various Wartune funny pictures / short posts I had posted on my social media pages (Twitter / Facebook / Google+), so those Wartune players that only visit the blog or who might have not seen them in their news feed can enjoy some laughs also:

So here we go, in no particular order:

Best castle to plunder in Wartune

(large pic)

Wartune Doss Guillen

This is most probably a misspelling, so it was likely supposed to be Wartune “BOSS” not “Doss”:

Wartune lonely self mail

This picture is not fake – it actually happens in Wartune if you try to mail to yourself:

Wartune MEME for forgetting event chests

If you have ever lost a big amount of event chests in Wartune because you forgot to exchange them within the time of the event:

Balen catch MEME

This is a fun Meme I had created that people enjoyed a lot đŸ™‚


  • Which funny picture among these do you like the most?
  • Do you have suggestions or ideas for a funny picture or Meme related to Wartune that you’d want me to create?

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  1. BALEN!!!! XD

  2. I remember this one really good one meme that was in the form of the “One does not Simply _____ ” where it says

    “One does not simply succeed In wartune”

    “one spends thousands of dollars and spends hours then succeeds at wartune”

  3. I must try the mail one

  4. i knew the email one (i tried to send email to myself when bored), but i didn’t notice the boss thing

  5. Is battle oracle Red mage? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. guys…how do you approach gem/crystal/divinity synthesis event…do you always craft the the highest lvl as possible every single time…or do I just save up 3 version of a certain lvl and when the event comes just sysnthesis them when the event comes? I want to know which method is more effective for a newer player like me

    • I can give my opinion. Those who need faster BR (usually those that PvP a lot) tend to use items faster. I personally do the absolute minimum, such as level 5 only and gather resources for when there is a very interesting event for me to get more event chests. My way requires A LOT of patience as one might wait for weeks or months.
      – COSMOS

      • So is a good benefit of saving up gems is that i’ll be able to get more event chests?

      • You have to find the best balance for your specific character between using items fast to grow BR so you can win things in Wartune and saving items to use in the future at the correct time (good events) to get more rewards.
        – COSMOS

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