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Compilation of Fun Social Posts & Other [July 2017]

Hey guys, here is a compilation of various fun short posts/pictures I had posted on our social media pages:

Funny Dragon Invasion Guide

Which actually is not so far away from truth:

DI dungeon guide Wartune fun

Pragmatic Eudaemon naming fun

Pragmatic Eudaemon naming

It’s a big lie / conspiracy!

Light and Dark are actually working together!

Light and Dark Boss working together

LOVE IS SERIES – being stunned without stun effect

LOVE IS SERIES - being stunned without stun effect

Mahra Reward BEFORE and AFTER effect

Mahra Trash Wartune fun

Recovering Zero Stamina?

Stupid game asking permission to recover zero stamina:

300 stamina maximum Wartune

Wartune Eudaemons from Parallel Dimension

In another Wartune version the “Eudaemons” are babies:

Wartune China another version baby - 16 May 2017

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