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Cloud Adventures Rolls Example (Patch 6.1)

Hey guys, here I recorded an example of 6 rolls from Wartune’s Cloud Adventure to serve both as an example and archive/reference for later and as a spark for a small discussion to see what everyone think about this Game Box mini-game with the Patch 6.1 settings.

Below is the video recording and also at the bottom is the summary screenshot showing this specific run’s reward, but first some “strategy” and words:

My “Strategy”

I personally totally hate the battles, so I do everything I can to avoid them. I use the magic dice for a six as much as possible, but will roll a fiver if it would land on a reward chest or if it means avoiding a stupid battle.

If there are no swords in the next 6 squares I will use a regular dice. I will also do that sometimes if there is only 1 sword as the chance of falling on it is only 1/6 or ~17%.

If I fall on a walk-back, especially those horrible ones that move 4, 5 or 6 squares, I will definitely use a magic dice if it is possible to get out of their zone. So if they move up to 5 then a 6er will overstep them, but if there are swords on the 6 I might roll a normal dice to get closer before i do a six. My worst case was landing on the same damn square 3 times in a row. After the first time I figured it won’t happen twice and I again thought that after 2 times and still happened the 3rd time the same.


I do believe that these rewards are more on the lucky side as sometimes I don’t even manage to get to the finish if unlucky with walk-backs or get lousy spins. But let me know in the comments:

  • if you tend to get better or worse than these rewards
  • or you maybe totally skip this feature and find it negligible or frustrating (e.g. the combat or walk-backs)
  • did you experience falling on the same walk-back square multiple times?
  • do you use some other “strategy” than the one i wrote above?
  • do you remember the first ever Cloud Adventure? 🙂

Rolls Example Video

Final Rewards Summary & Screenshot


  • 350 Insignia
  • 180 Nickel
  • 2.4 million gold


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  1. yes,i remember the first cloud adventures and i think with these merge sylphs being so freaking expensive i think the 900 bound balens in there and the golden wands so we can have a chance on getting a merge sylph without spending any money/balens on a stupid tree.

  2. After first revision I thought what a waste of time

  3. OMG I have always HATED Cloud Adventure battles. I am now using the extra dice they added to jump as much as possible to any chests. And I only make it to the end maybe one out of every 5-6 times. Between bad rolls, walkbacks, etc., it is hard to get to the end.

  4. hi idk where i can post this so i do it here
    // says ” 2. Several cross-server events including Class Wars, Titan War and Chaos War will occur for the last time. New events are soon to come! ” can you tell us about ” New Events to come ” ?

    • heya, that’s all they shared, so right now no more is known
      i did request more information and if i receive it i will write a small news article for it

  5. v1 of CA was nice…with variety of rewards
    v2 of CA was crap…impossible to reach ending (frustrating with so many moonwalking) and prizes all nerfed
    v3 of CA (i think current version) was ok since we can reach ending but prize remain sucks

  6. I liked sky adventure before the update. I liked getting bound balens and the wands for the tree it’s a way to get things from the tree especially if you are a free player

  7. i always skip cloud adv since they changed it.its jst a waste of time and rewards are BS anyway

  8. I do CA now, it can be a good source of nickel for beast souls, which drop in the spins really good or really bad. I’m in a bad streak at the moment, hoping for it to turn around soon. I put AFK on the fights and just do something else, like read blogs or facebook. I usually always make it to the end, I rarely don’t finish, although sometimes its close.

    • Out of my bad slump, got 300 some nickel last time I did it 🙂 Had 7 spins by the end and they all dropped nickel.

  9. My best strategy, to not not do it.

  10. Altough the last revision improved it a bit i still skip it entirely. Why wasting my time over “a chance” to get to the end and “a chance” to get reasoneble prizes.

    It happened to me a lot that after wasting alot of time with these horrible battles, the rewards sucked big time. I only do the gem-game, that one is rewarding esp for lower players.

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