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CAULDRON Buffs & Formulas Guide – Wartune Patch 8.0

Hi everyone! In this article I present to you my video guide on the new Wartune Patch 8.0 feature called CAULDRON as well as the developer guide released to all publishers.

If you have any additional information on CAULDRON system please share by posting in the comments for all Wartune players to benefit or ask questions and I will do my best to answer what I can.

I start with the video (you can watch here or on my YouTube channel) and the develop guide below that:

Video: Wartune Patch 8.0 – CAULDRON Buffs & Formulas Guide

CAULDRON Developer Guide + Additions by COSMOS


The Cauldron grants powerful buffs and bonuses, use it wisely!

Cauldron Event Entry

Access this Wartune feature via the icon in the top menu:

Participation Requirements

All players can participate.

Cauldron Panel

Main Panel:

  1. Formula List: Formulas are available as soon as the system unlocks.
  2. Cauldron Slots: a successful Concoct will grant a blessing, which is a magical buff with a countdown. Each Cauldron Slot can hold one blessing, and you unlock more Cauldron Slots as you spend magical potions on Formulas, or you can unlock them early with Balens.
  3. Concoct: Click “Concoct” to receive buffs and bonuses.
  4. Blessings: Current active Blessings and your stock of magical potions.

Active Blessings Icon

  1. When a blessing is active, its buff icon will appear at the top left corner of the main panel, beside your character info.
  2. Hover your mouse over buff icons for specifics like duration, etc.

Cauldron Formulas Available at Launch of Patch 8.0

This system contains a variety of formulas and when they take effect, they grant the player powerful buffs and bonuses.

Formula / Buff Name Buff Effect Buff Duration
Midas Gold Production +100%, including World BOSS, Home City, Kitten Club, City Plunder 4h
Germinate Farm Harvest items +100%, including seeds and animals 8h
Hawkeye Campaign Dungeon rewards +50%, including EXP and items 2h
Bargainer Astro Gold consumption -25%, Astral Gold price -25% 2h
Huntsman Bounty EXP Received +100% 2h
Virtue Battleground Honor Received +50% 4h
Dreamer Secret Medal Received +100% 4h
Runner Circuit Chest Rewards +100% (Works for 50, 100, 150, 200 chests) 4h
Manslayer Sylph Atoll BOSS event monster drops +100% 4h
Zealot Expedition Dungeon rewards +50% 4h
Skyliner Sky Trail exploration rewards +50% 2h
Vigilance Eudaemon Patrol Bounty rewards +50% 4h

Unlocking Formulas

Formulas are available as soon as its respective system unlocks (so there is technically no unlocking which is weird so this might mean that in the future they might add more formulas).

Magical Potions

Different Formulas consume different combinations of magical potions:

  • Puissance: obtained from Daily Check-in
  • Sageweed: obtained from Devotion Chest
  • Lifeblood: obtained from Devotion Chest

At present I can see only Puissance in the Check-in rewards:

So that’s a total of 100 Puissance per 10 days.

And Sageweed in the Daily Devotion Rewards:

So that’s a total of 6 Sageweed per day.

And Lifeblood in the Daily Devotion Rewards:

So that’s a total of 30 Lifeblood per week if max devotion is done for the 2 chests.

Formula Costs

Formula / Buff Name Puissance  
Midas 50 10 10
Germinate 40 20 20
Hawkeye 100 30 10
Bargainer 0 20 20
Huntsman 20 50 10
Virtue 40 30 0
Dreamer 50 20 30
Runner 40 60 20
Manslayer 20 20 10
Zealot 60 20 50
Skyliner 60 30 20
Vigilance 80 40 20

Cauldron Slot Costs

The formulas which are CONCOCTED (a.k.a. cooked or prepared) in the Cauldron go to one of the Cauldron Slots. Initially only the first slot is available but we can spend some resources to unlock the other 4 slots at the costs shown in the table below:

Formula / Buff Name Puissance
Slot 1
free free free
Slot 2 100 60 20
Slot 3 200 120 60
Slot 4 400 240 120
Slot 5 800 480 240


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  1. Sort of off topic but do you know where the moved the Rings and Jewels that were in the crypt shop?

  2. Hmm… It seems to be designed for low level players, since few of those potions are really helpful to most players. Germinate might be useful, especially for event seeds. I might use vigilance. I hope they add potions (formulas) in the future that are really helpful.

    • Yes indeed would be interesting to see if they add more formulas. But for now we have this until some future patch where more could be added. Still there is something there for every player, but indeed a lot for lower BR players, which is not a bad thing.

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