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CA Jackpot, Fun Stuff and Crazy Prices

Hey guys, i posted some fun & other pictures on our social media pages, so just gathering them here in 1 post to put on the blog as well.

Cloud Adventure Jackpot and 100 Nickels!

Loki sylph merge requirements

For full details on this topic refer to our article: Fusion Spirit, Fusion Chi & Sylph Merge Costs

0 Gold from World Boss last hit and Mentor’s “advice”

Developing Potions

102400 Developing Potions needed for level 10 Adv. Guild Skill = 51 days (almost 2 months) of 2000 daily limit purchase + 11 inventory slots blocked in the bag :S
Not the smartest game design…

Divine Light RIP

Darkness prevails – there shall be no Divine Light 🙁


Sometimes the Evil Monsters make life easier 🙂

+57 chests Magic Square ^^

Crazy Prices

Another “gem” that is thrown away…
50 Dragon Essences – 250 balens – any buyers?

Level 2 divinity 120 balens:

10 mil Gold 100 balens:

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  1. 57 chest from MS? Is that photoshopped?

    btw how many days you have to be off from the guild to get the 50 bound balens GUILD MEMBER return reward?

    • – yes ^^
      – don’t know :S

  2. you really can get a loki from cloud adventures?

    • no, such a thing is not written anywhere

  3. Hello! Can i ask you? Does the sylph merge need a balenc or a bonus balenc of 60k?

    • you can use normal balens, bound balens and fusion spirit

      • Ty DolyGames Team

      • welcome HoneY 🙂
        thanks for taking a moment

  4. rip off!!
    i love this game but the management and designers want to make me hate it
    was even thinking of some light cashing

    if only i could shift my character to another host, is that possible, like from r2 to kabam???

    its hard to waste years of game play because of sucking management

    • unfortunately transfers are not possible
      just focus on positives, don’t spend too much time stressing on the bad points

  5. pyre snake in Cloud Adventure now ?

    • do you have to hit all 3 or can you hit just 1 for Pyre Snake ?

  6. The 0 gold from last hit on boss is most likely due to the player already having max gold

    • If a sub-eud gets final hit on WB (or DA boss) then nothing shows up in regards to final blow. A bug they know about and have done nothing to address.

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