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Bound Balens Income from Dimensional Mine

Hey guys, there have been a lot of questions prior to the arrival of the Patch 4.5 concerning the bound balen income from dimensions. And although we still don’t have exact information about everything, we do have some facts thanks to S.Starshine and Monarch and this is what I share with you.

Here, you can see on the picture below, the new kind of an event / feature inside dimensions, which seems to be rare, but if you do find these hidden mines then you can have an hourly income of bound balens! On the picture is illustrated the bound balen mine from the intermediate dimension and it yields 20 bound balens per hour for 24 hours or 480 bound balens.

And in the expert dimension, the bound balen mine there will produce 50 bound balens per hour, also for 24 hours, which means 1200 bound balens income.

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  1. Are these just int and expert or do they show up in basic and advanced? When you say “rare” are we talking one a dimention or…?

    • I would imagine they show up in all just with varied amounts, but this is all the info i got so far

      • i found mine in basic dimension but didn’t realize about hourly BB it gives , so far don’t see any inbox post

    • they are completely hidden, i just stepped on a random spot and got pulled into a fight, after you beat it its visible

      • oh wow i see thanks for sharing

      • NOOOOOOOOO!!!! This means no more bb for me from dimensions *sad face*.

  2. Do you have to be on-line for every hour to collect?

    • No you can collect all at end

  3. Everything will depend on the rarity. if there’s at least one per dimension, we may actually come out ahead (which would be…shocking, given some of their previous “optimizations”), but if its rarer then our bb income will have been nerfed bigtime, right when bbs are becoming more useful. Also potentially hurts more if the dimension is stolen from you, since before you could just grab the chest and have your loot immediately instead of over the course of a day. Hopefully that isn’t the point of this change.

    • Well AR it looks like our bb income has been nerfed bigtime as you put it.there is between 8 and 12 of us who take on Skype, TeamSpeak, and RaidCall all the time 1 yes that’s one of us has found a mine so far She found it about 24 hrs ago. Noone else has seen one yet.:(

  4. Is it really hidden or you can see it when you are close to it?

    • i think just the name is hidden 🙂 i don’t think it’s a secret thing 😛

      • The one I found in my Adv Dimension was completely hidden to where I couldn’t see it at all.

    • No it you are not able to see it till after the fight

  5. Can these mines be found by explore function? I came across none in 2 basic and 2 intermediate dim.
    I also want to know whether items in dim merchant can be bought by bb or unbound one?

  6. i have 1 question. bb mine u can open just 1 time in 1 dimensional or u can open multi times? for found 1 bb mine must kill all mobs or u can go around mobs and open just black square?
    ty for answer

  7. Hi, I just found one in a basic dimension. They can be found just like the monsters there. If you are near it, it shows up.

    Basic Yields 20 Bound Balens per hour for 24 hours

  8. I still don’t like it. I was earning over 400 per day the way the were before, and still have not found any mines and have not been able to gain even a single bound Balen yet since the changes to dimensions. They’ll need to try a little harder to convince me to stay once my now cancelled VIP expires.

  9. There are hidden and some you can see near by. You can have the 50bb e/h also in advanced, my spouse was lucky enough to get 2 mines on the same lvl, he opend every tile. In exp i found 2 mines one with 20bb e/h, and none hidden with 50bb e/h.

  10. Hi

    I did an expert dimension and found 2 mines but both yield 20BB/hour not 50. unfortunately i don’t have an SS. I’m a returning player and thought it was something standard now

  11. Hi

    I did an expert dimension and found 2 mines but both yield 20BB/hour not 50. unfortunately i don’t have an SS. I’m a returning player and thought it was something standard now

  12. how can you find 1?

  13. I have an interesting update for you. I have found a second bound balen mine. (Both in Basic Dimensions)

    They give 20 per hour for 24 hours.

    (Update) Some mines are hidden, and have to be found (like hidden eudaemon events) But, some are not hidden, and can be found like boss bases or monsters.

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