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Free 300 Bound Balens Source Reminder

Hey guys, something nice which is easy to forget is that there is a possible source for free 300 bound balens drop from Forbidden Chest. I share this thanks to Isabel. Here 2 pictures: 1st one is receiving the 300 bound balens and the 2nd one is the chest information from Wartune’s Blacksmith.

300 Bound Balens drop

Forbidden Treasure Chest III Wartune

This drop is from chest #3 (it is not a frequent drop). There are balens in the other ones as well but Isabel likes #3 chest. I will prepare forms to collect chest drops so if you want to help gather data please hold on for those forms for inputting.


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  1. Nice,Thank you!!

    • 🙂

  2. Totally forgot about this. Thanks =)

    • welcome 😛

  3. i do everything everyday so don’t worry about drops and what were when or why lol

  4. time ago i’ve found many bb from chest 1 but after a maintenance i could not claim 300 , 100 bb and others was more rare. let we say something on bi chests ;P

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