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Bird and Panda Discus: Texas Hold’em

Hey you guys, today on Bird and Panda Discuss, we’re talking about the new mini game, Texas Hold’em. This is an addition from Patch 5.2, and one that I have a lot of mixed feelings about. First, a couple disclaimers:

  1. DolyGames does not encourage online gambling. In order to really benefits from Texas Hold’em, you have to have a careful and responsible disposition. This is not something you should throw your money at and expect results. It is absolutely gambling, and that by definition comes with risk.
  2. I am not a poker expert/professional. So anything I say here really only pertains to what I’ve done in Wartune’s mini game version to gain rewards. If you do not know how to play poker, this is not the place to start. I recommend searching for online guides on how to play Texas Hold’em that are made by professionals, and practicing on a site that uses fake money to play.

With all that said, IF you play responsibly, there is potential to get very big rewards from this mini game, using very few balens.

When and How Much to Buy In

Like anything you buy in Wartune, you should take into consideration what Big/Epic Spender events are going on before you purchase anything. You can only use real balens to buy chips, so they do count toward events. Here, Bird was asking me me if they count toward Big Spenders, because there was a special one day spender for will crystals she wanted to dip into a little. I’d also recommend only putting a few dollars into this. I started out buying in for 1,000 chips (1,000 balens), and think that was a bit too much. I think a reasonable start would be around 500 balens/chips.

Point Exchange

Texas Hold’em Point Exchange Shop. Click to enlarge.

Bird brought up another good point, that the items aren’t exactly things that people would want to cash under normal circumstances. Most of the items in the point exchange shop are for Eudaemon and sylph items. Almost all of these are obtainable through other exchanges that are easy to collect event chests for. The only eudaemon items I would consider are the purple and orange gear/refining items. Otherwise, I think that the best bet are either Tenacity Marks, or Mount Training Whips. Tenacity Marks are difficult to get in large quantities and can contribute quite a bit to your PvP strength. Mount whips are the easiest benefit to compute, and also the item you need in the most ridiculous quantities (hundreds of thousands…).

Setting a Goal

Something you’ll see me talk about throughout a lot of the blogs and vlogs is goal setting. I think it’s very important to set goals in games so that you have a clear objective to work toward that will guide your individual actions. I put in an initial investment of 1,000 balens (1,000 chips), and set out to reach 8,000 points for the exchange. I decided on this, because I could then obtain 4,000 whips, which means I will have spent one quarter of one balen per whip. I think my goal is a good example for what people should try for, but at a minimum I would try for 4 times as many points as your initial balen/chip investment.

In the end I had around 5,000 chips and 10,000 points, but then fell asleep before screenshotting and exchanging my points (doh!…). Chips and points should roll-over to the next time the event shows up, so I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve spent and gotten out of the event (even if my rewards are currently in hibernation).

Chips vs. Points

This is the key difference between real poker and the Wartune version (it’s also how they probably don’t get sued for illegal online gambling): using chips (win or lose) will get you points; once you earn points, you never lose them. This means even if you’ve had a lot of bad rounds where you’re losing chips to other people, you’re still gaining points that can be used toward rewards. You still of course want to win the chips if possible, since this will make it easier for you to continue to play and earn points.

When you first buy in, you really have to guard your chips until you can get a big hand and have a couple thousand chips under your belt. Once you get a good stash, it’s easier to play more hands and see if you can get some wins from higher risk hands.

Additional Advice

  • Only play good cards — if I can impart only one bit of poker wisdom, it is to only play good cards. Theoretically you can bluff your way to any win, but in reality, you need good cards to increase your chances of success. Jacks through Ace, preferably of the same suit, are good places to play in. Regardless of what cards you’re playing, remain vigilant.
  • Don’t play at a table unless it has at least 4 players, preferably a full one with 6 players. You don’t want to get stuck in a lot of hands with small pots, so having more players around is better.
  • Don’t go all-in (bet all your chips), unless you can 100% guarantee that you have the winning hand. It just isn’t worth it to lose everything and have to buy back in (or stop gaining rewards). This is hard to get away with if you have very few chips, but for sure should be a rule if you have more than a few hundred. You cannot guarantee that you have the best possible hand on the table unless you’ve seen the community cards. Usually this means seeing all 5, but in some rarer cases you can know from seeing just the flop (3 community cards) or the turn (4th card).


It may seem odd that in all this I haven’t discussed the gameplay itself. That’s because the actual game, other than the way the points are distributed, is pretty standard and what you’d expect it to be. Here I’ll post what the forums have provided and I show some of the gameplay in the video, but again, the best places to learn poker are not in this blog or in Wartune.

Game Info for Texas Hold’em Part 1 (from R2Games forums)

Game Info for Texas Hold’em Part 2 (from R2Games forums)

Let’s be real here — I didn’t read through all of the game info before playing, and I don’t think most people will. They have some pretty convoluted language about the “Point Charge,” which if anyone can make sense of it, I’d greatly appreciate your explanation in the comments!

VIDEO: Wartune Guide – Texas Hold’em Mini Game

Discuss With Us!

“Bird and Panda Discuss” is a Wartune blog series, where I use conversations with my buddy and guildie, Robin7 (who I affectionately call “bird”), as inspiration to talk about relevant topics in the game.

What do you guys think of the new Texas Hold’em mini game? Have any questions for myself or bird? Comment below!

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  1. It’s also worth noting that the effect of Wartune skimming 20% of all the pots will eventually put all but the better players down to 0 Chips over time.

    Also, you only get the 2 Points for a losing hand IF you meet the ante. If you fold w/ no ante you get 0 Pts.

    Last bit… Strategy Tip – beware the enemy flush. I’ve thrice beaten straights / three of a kind with multiples of my opponent going “all in” while I had an A or K high Flush.

  2. No poker room in a casino could charge a 20% rake and stay in business. No thank you

  3. If you are using real money in this how is it that Americans are able to play it. They have outlawed so many online gambling sites that even the ones that had free tables that you could play for fun have shut a lot of Americans out. How is this legal?

    • It’s more of a legal loophole. You can’t exchange chips to balens or balens to cash so it doesn’t quite count as gambling. The points also don’t go away so you couldn’t really ‘lose’ money in the same sense. But yea, close… not but quite.

  4. the entire wartune game is becamed a gambling game lol if you are lucky win, not if you are good to play the game

  5. The short version of getting points is this. For every 5 chips you put into the pot (to match a bet someone else has made) you get 1 point win or lose. If you bet 1st someone has to play against you for the points to be earned at the 5 chips for 1 point ratio.

    The point shop is still accessible via the player profile page where you can also see how many points and chips you have.

  6. Rat’s comment about how you earn points is correct. It is all about chip volume bet. 5 chips wagered = 1 point, win or lose, provided someone calls your bet.

    As for the 20% “rake”… Yes it is a high percentage compared to what a casino would charge, but its sole purpose is to prevent collusion among players. Without the rake, players could sit at a table and exchange wagers and chips just to earn points. The rake prevents “cheating” to earn points.
    -PoisonArrow Kabam S83

  7. Cosmos I know this is totally off topic but do you think you could do a graph or chart of some sort on how many of each lvl clothing we need for each lvl like how many lvl 1 will it take to get to 10 or lvl 3s to get to 10 im trying to make my 10s now and honestly not great at this sort of thing would be very helpful thank you for the great job you do on everything else and merry christmas

    • If you use level 1s without cores, you will need 2^10 articles of clothing to make a level 10 or 1048 pieces of level one clothing to make a level 10 (assuming you are successful at every single synthesis).

      If you have the cores and are patient, try to convert your level 1 to level 3 using nothing but cores. You are going to auto succeed from 1 -> 2 and you have a 20 – 30% chance of level 2 -> 3 clothing. If you can do that, you cut the number of clothing needed by 75%. There is a lot more to clothing (when is it worth it to buy charms? When should you combine clothing without charms, etc).

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