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Kung Fu Panda is a Knight Class

Hey guys, in a recent poll we asked players which class you think Kung Fu Panda would be in Wartune and the results based on 216 votes (as of today) is that 147 people or 68% think Kung Fu Panda is a Knight Class! 🙂

44 people or 20% said he would be a Mage Class and, lastly, 12% voted for Archer class.

I actually thought that there would be more votes for Archer Class because of the super “Delphic Sniper” attack Kung Fu Panda made in the 3rd movie 😛

What Class would Kung Fu Panda be in Wartune? 😛

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  1. What a BEEP joke your adding that dumb BEEP to the game. This game can BEEP burn to the ground they ruined it

    • i removed insults from your comments
      i understand you are angry about the game and I am sure you can communicate without insults
      and remember that this is a player made site – we are not the game owners

  2. they need to look at comments common wartune think dont want to loose you please

  3. Does anyone know if wartune has been released on steam yet? I am guessing that is why they are trying to drive players away from this version. They want everyone to go to steam.

    • I’d leave the first day that happened.

  4. hehe nice one. skadushhhh… 😉

  5. Not have much to do with the post, but would like to know where to get advanced Mahra?

    • From offerings and events like Chaos War

  6. actually kung fu panda is a movie, but w/e =)

  7. strange but where custody arena?

  8. Why the hell do they want people to leave the game and start over on steam that’s saying you just wasted all the time and money on websites

  9. hi does any1 know if syph enchant event with moonlights has finish for good?

  10. yes it has ty woody

  11. but we still have cheast exchange

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