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Before & After Comparison Devotion, Check-in, Blacksmith – Wartune Patch 8.0

Hi everyone! In this article I present to you my video guide on the new Wartune Patch 8.0 changes – Before & After Comparison of Daily Devotion, Daily Check-in, Blacksmith to help Wartune players see what’s new.

If you have any additional information on this please share by posting in the comments for all Wartune players to benefit or ask questions and I will do my best to answer what I can.

I start with the video (you can watch here or on my YouTube channel) and the develop guide below that:

Video: Wartune Patch 8.0 – Before & After Comparison New Rewards: Devotion, Check-in, Blacksmith

Before & After Comparison

Daily Check-in Rewards BEFORE patch:


So we can see that the rewards have remained the same but the new Puissance Magic Potion has been added to be used in the Cauldron system.

Daily Devotion Rewards Wartune Patch 8.0:

Again here we see the “old” rewards remaining but the addition of the Sageweed Magic Potion in the first 3 chests.

Daily Devotion Chest Rewards Wartune Patch 8.0:

And the Lifeblood Magic Potion has been added to the Weekly chests.

Devotion Points

  • The new Emeraldia has been added in the Guild Activities with 15 points normally replacing Guild Beast and Diving Altar. But the Altar is still there although impossible to get those points so maybe that’s a bug they will fix relatively fast. I would not worry about it. Total points should remain the same before and after Patch 8.0 (I hope).
  • Dark Dragon Lair (a.k.a. DI) is normally replaced by the the new Dungeon Roulette. Same devotion points.
  • The Archaeology has been modified so that you can get those devotion points if you do the “old” Archaeology or the “new” Astrology.


In the Blacksmith:

  • All low level equipment removed and renamed so the first EQ available is Novice. This should help new players catch up faster as indeed there is no meaning to make those old sets anymore.
  • Consequently all Crystaloids have been removed.
  • As well as all lower level Refinement Crystals as those items are no longer needed since the equipment does not exist anymore.

That’s what I have so far, I will add more if I find and others are welcome to help out by posting in the comments.

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  1. What a great time to return to the game as a new toon on a Steam server. Nice.

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