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Battleground Fights vs. Mirandah and Azrican

As many of you know, I love to fight players around my battle rating in Sacred Fire Temple (battleground)! I think it’s always more fun if you’re not completely sure whether or not you’re going to win. Here are a couple videos of my battleground fights against two top players!


Wartune Gameplay – Sacred Fire Temple Fights vs. Mirandah

Mirandah has exploded in battle rating the past few months to be one of the top contenders amongst knights, which is unarguably the most cash-competitive of the classes in my cross-server section. All that means is that she’s very tough! For reasons not totally apparent to me, the 2nd evolution fire sylph, Arise, is quite popular amongst the knights, and Mirandah’s red one is quite tough to deal with.

Wartune Gameplay – Sacred Fire Temple Fights vs. Azrican

Azrican has been one of the best, if not the best, archer in our cross-server section for probably well over a year now. He has the most Class Wars wins of anybody of any class (I think I counted 9 of them)! Jealousy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about his successes. We had some nice fights together, and each fight is a different sylph combination, which I found very fun.

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