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Eliatan’s 200th Wartune Video – Top Five Battleground Fights

Hey you guys, today I uploaded my 200th Wartune video for the DolyGames Youtube Channel! I wanted to do a little something special that looked back at my character over the past year and a half, so I put together a list of my Top Five favorite battleground fights. Battleground has stood the test of time as one of my favorite things to record, so I hope to update this list in the future. 🙂

A big thanks from me and the whole DolyGames team to all our readers, viewers, subscribers, new and old fans; we appreciate your support and hope to grow more every day!


Eliatan’s 200th Wartune Video – Top Five Battleground Fights!

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  1. (repost, I posted in your last CW but maybe its too old lol)

    Hey Eliatan, gratz with your rank 3, it is still pretty amazing that you still competing without the advantage of merged sylphs! And speaking of witch, Apparently all of Odin attacks are increased by 50%, which is why I am wondering if Sword of judgement is available for him, as it would be 390% damage which would be stronger than Endless Engulf.
    I Heard that when you merge sylph it Will take random skills of both merged sylph. So it occur to me that maybe before merging we make him forget all skill except the 5 we would like to keep (or 8th if including passives). Would be nice to know if it would work…
    I am still like 6 months away of an Odin, but well maybe you can try it.
    Once again, gratz! And Thanks a lot for all your help yo Give to everyone!

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