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Awesome Wartune Features we don’t have yet (Overview July 2015)

Hey guys, as many of you all know, I like to make my articles/guides long and detailed, but in this article I will write a short description on every single feature from Chinese Wartune that we don’t have yet with awesome images and links to guides if I have covered those features.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get all of these features on our servers. If we get any of these features, they may be modified.

Dragon Whisperer – Sub Class:

The Dragon Whisperer which is also referred as the Sub Class from Chinese players is an additional class which everyone has. You can transition between your main hero class and the sub class anytime you want to 😀 The sub class has it’s own Equipment, Skills, Talents, Gems and more. Check out all five of my guides on the Sub Class by clicking HERE:

Sylph Fusion (Merge) of Wind + Water:

We already got the Dark + Light Sylph Merge which means the Wind + Water Sylphs should be coming next. The Wind + Water Sylphs not only look nice, but their skills are OP. Check out the Sylph Fusion of Wind + Water Guide by clicking HERE:

Sylph Merge (Fusion) of Fire + Electro:

Who wouldn’t want a sylph with skills like 570% + 1000 magic damage. Check out the Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Guide by clicking HERE:

Red Eudeamon Equipment:

More and more top players are having Orange Eudeamon Equipment, but that’s not the end. Chinese Wartune recently got the Red Eudeamon/Kids Equipment in the 5.0 patch. Learn more about the Red Eudeamon Equipment Upgrading/Enchanting/Refining Requirements by clicking HERE:

Summit War (New PvP Event):

Imagine a PvP event just like Class Wars but you can face any class and only players with battle rating of 1 million or higher can participate. That is Summit War in conclusion but unlike Class Wars, you get more rewards and a higher chance to get in finals :D. Read more on the Summit War by clicking HERE:

Level 9+ Mounts:

Yep, level 9 and up mounts have been added in Chinese Wartune after a long time but the bad side is that you cannot use regular whips 🙁 . Learn more about the Level 9+ Mounts by clicking HERE:

VIP Shop:

The benefits for having VIP should be increased and one of the things that should be done is adding this awesome VIP Shop. VIP Shop may sound a casher thing but you can actually buy tons of cool items for a cheap price. Check it out by clicking HERE:

Transgender Card:

Wouldn’t be awesome to change your character’s name and gender? For more info on the Transgender Card, click HERE.

New Recovery System:

The new recovery system from Chinese Wartune not only recovers Gold/EXP but items from events too! Find more about the requirements and what you can recover by clicking HERE.

I have not made any guides on the following features that I have listed below but I will try my best to make them 😀 .

Symbiosis System:

This is the latest system that Chinese Wartune got in the 6.0 patch. The system basically shares attributes/stats from equipment enchantment/holy forge/gem stats of the sub class and your main class equipment which means more battle rating for both classes.

Life Skills:

Life Skills is a system that was added in Chinese Wartune when they got the Sub Class patch. In summary, the Life Skills System is where you can choose two out of five Life Skills. life Skills can be upgraded by collecting materials around Clout City, Amethyst Mines, etc. By upgrading Life Skills, you unlock certain things like Equipment Enchantment Bonus, New Potions, etc.

VIP Mystery Shop:

One of the additions in the 6.0 patch was the VIP Mystery Shop. It is, what it sounds like. The VIP Mystery Shop is a feature where only VIP players can access it. The goodies in the VIP Mystery Shop are splendid like Red Equipment and 2nd Evolved Sylph Seals.

New Cloud City Modification:

In patch 6.0, the cloud city was redone and I think this time, Wartune got the “Cloud City” concept correct. Either way, the old Cloud City was much better and welcoming rather than this big empty city made out of marble and gold 😛 . I am going to publish a video on a tour around the new Cloud City soon 😀 .

Cat System:

The Cat System is basically a permanent mini game where you can buy cats and furniture for the cats in your cat house. By doing that, you can get tons of gold every day/hour and you can also visit your friends cat house and collect their gold!

Double Attribute Divinity Souls:

It’s been a long, long time since Chinese Wartune first got the double attribute gems and it was obvious for many players like me that Chinese Wartune will get double attribute divinity souls (sylph gems) and we finally got it, in the 5.0 patch.

Eudeamon/Kids Aegis System:

The Aegis System is a system for the Eudeamons/Kids where you can upgrade the  5 slots for a percentage of stats to your Eudeamon.

Hope you guys enjoyed the info from this article and the linked guides and be sure to comment below and ask any questions.

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