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Summit War – New PvP Event from Chinese Wartune

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune just got the 5.0 patch and in the new patch, a new PvP Event called “Summit War ” was added which is similar to Class Wars, but you can face any class in this PvP Event. If your not 1 Million Battle Rating by next year like me, you might as well forget about this new event because the requirement itself is crazy.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get this feature on our servers. If we get this feature in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

Summit War


  • Any Class
  • Level 50+
  • 1 Million Battle Rating or higher

Like I said above, requirements are crazy but hey, the Eudeamon can get us there right? Now the good thing about this, in my opinion, that each class will get a chance to use its strategy against another class.


Your battle Rating will determine what section you will be put in. The groups are the diamond group, gold group, silver group and iron group.

Summit War Rankings


Matching in preliminaries is a bit different from Class Wars. You face players near your battle rating and they could be any class. If there aren’t any players with battle rating close to yours, you are matched with others based on your points. There is a total of 15 rounds. Sylphs replace troops and your Kid/Eudeamon can be brought in battle. Sylph Troops now have 6 skill slots instead of 3 in Summit War/preliminaries.


To enter the finals, you must be in top 16 from your group. This means that there will be a total of 64 players in finals. You will battle every other player in your own group for a total of 15 rounds. The winners (Rank 1, 2 and 3) will be determined by the number of points they got. If there are two or more players with the same amount of points, then the battle rating will determine the final winners. Once again, Sylphs will replace troops and your Kid/Eudeamon can be brought in battle. Sylph Troops now have 6 skill slots instead of 3 in Summit War/Finals. Once the 15 finals rounds are over, the final rankings will be based on points earned.

Voting in Summit War:

If you are level 50+, you can vote anyone you want to from the Diamond Group. If you are in the Diamond group yourself, you cannot vote yourself. Once you vote a player, you cannot change your vote. The top three players with the most votes can receive the ability to summon the treasure thief in their guild chamber.

Summit War Votings



Summit War Worship:

Just like Titan War, this event has the Worship system. You can get Gold and EXP every hour from Summit War Worship. The received Gold/EXP depends on your level.


Summit War Worship

Summit War Rewards:

These rewards are for the finals. In the preliminaries, you get King Stones based on of your points. The top 16 players will receive the following rewards too:

  • Ghost Battle Effect
  • Treasure Thief
  • EXP Bonus for server

Summit War Rewards

Rank One Rewards are:

  • Will of the Chosen Mount (lasts 20 days)
  • x5,000 King Stones
  • Special Title  (King of the Hill )

Rank Two Rewards are:

  • Will of the Chosen Mount (lasts 15 days)
  • x4,600 King Stones
  • Special Title (Chaos Dominator)

Rank Three Rewards are:

  • Will of the Chosen Mount (lasts 10 days)
  • x4,200 King Stones
  • Special Title (Herald of Judgement)

Rank 4-10 Rewards are:

  • 3,800 King Stones

Rank 11-50 Rewards are:

  • 3,400 King Stones

Rank 51-64 Rewards are:

  • 3,000 King Stones

Rewards Shop:

King Stones are used to buy items from the Summit War Rewards Shop.

Summit War Reward Shop One

Summit War Reward Shop One

King Stones:

King Stones

Will of the Chosen Mount:

Will of the Chosen Mount

Rank One Title: King of the Hill

Stat: HP 880+

Rank One Summit War Title

Rank Two Title: Chaos Dominator

Stat: HP 670+

Rank Two Summit War Title

Rank Three Title: Herald of Judgment

Stat: HP 450+
Rank Three Summit War Title

What do you guys think of this crazy event? It may not be crazy to Chinese Wartune players since average battle rating over there is 1.2 million battle rating and higher. By the time we get this, which will most likely be in the 5.0 patch, the average battle rating will be around 1 million.  Comment your thoughts or ask a question below 😀

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