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Level 9+ Stables with Advanced Whips

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune just received a new big patch and one of them is level 8+ Stables! I always wondered when they will get those and what will the mounts look like or do.


  • Level 8 Stables
  • Advanced Whips (Regular Whips are not used for level 8+ Mounts!)
  • Level 80 or Class Advancement may be needed.

The Advanced Whip:

As I said above, Regular Mount Training Whips are not used for the Advanced Mount Stables. Advanced Whips are used to train Level 8+ Mounts. For now, Advanced Whips are only available in casher events (Big Spender) and One time Train/50 Times Train for Balens/Bound -Balens but they might feature them in free events in future.

Level Nine Mount:

Currently the top players have not reached level 10 Stables but once these events start up in Chinese Wartune, they will reach Level 11-12 Stables within 2 months.

Access Table for Advanced Mount:

Credit: 7Road

Estimations for Mount Speed:

Here is the estimation for the Speed of Level 9-16 Mounts. No one knows what other abilities besides Increased Speed and Flight these Advanced Mounts have but I hope they have some good abilities like teleporting or something like that. 😀
  • Level 9 Mount: 65% Speed
  • Level 10 Mount: 70% Speed
  • Level 11 Mount: 75% Speed
  • Level 12 Mount: 80% Speed
  • Level 13 Mount: 85% Speed
  • Level 14 Mount: 90% Speed
  • Level 15 Mount: 95% Speed
  • Level 16 Mount: 100% Speed
 Hope you guys enjoyed this post and comment below if you like the Level 9 Mount.

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  1. Very anxious to see this on the English servers.

  2. is it right? because it doesn’t changed yet

    • yes, 2 years later, they still have not implemented advanced whips, it is still to come

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