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Ancient Offerings Drop Rates – Dimension Sacrifice

Hey guys, in this article we are going to look at the drop rates or Ancient Offering item offer choices that we get from Sacrifice inside the Dimension War interface in Wartune. For this purpose I have collected 16 Ancient Offering sacrifice results (80 item drops in total) which I post for you below. Let’s start by looking at the analysis results and you can see the pictures after:

Ancient Offering drop results table:

So after analyzing the drop rates of various items in the Ancient Offering (total of 80 item drops) we see that the Top 4 most frequent drops are the 50 Vulcan Hammers – the highest with an 8.8% chance of dropping and then: 50 Beads of Influence, 100 Moon Dust and the 100 Golden Holy Water all with 7.5% drop rates.

On the lower end, the lowest chances are for 100 Vulcan’s Clamp, 100 Soul Seal and 100 Mount Training Whip, which have a terribly low drop rate of 1.3% on this data set, which is not entirely a bad thing for us, because we can get those items elsewhere.

I’ll mention also separately about Advanced Mahra and Advanced Sepulcrum, which I think are very much needed, these are at 5% and 2.5% frequency, the lower chance for Sepulcrums.

Item in Ancient Offering Sacrifice How many times it came in the sample % drop rate
50 Vulcan Hammer 7 8.8%
50 Beads of Influence 6 7.5%
100 Moon Dust 6 7.5%
100 Golden Holy Water 6 7.5%
100 Magical Moonlight 5 6.3%
50 Divinity Stone 5 6.3%
1000 Soul Crystal 5 6.3%
100 Vulcan Stove 4 5.0%
50 Vulcan’s Stithy 4 5.0%
100 Advanced Mahra 4 5.0%
100 Eternal Heart 4 5.0%
100 Fate Stones 3 3.8%
100 Moon Rock 3 3.8%
100 Glint of Magic 3 3.8%
100 Dragon Soul 2 2.5%
100 Mahra 2 2.5%
50 Advanced Sepulcrum 2 2.5%
100 Sepulcrum 2 2.5%
100 Mount Hoofs 2 2.5%
100 Rose Hazel 2 2.5%
100 Vulcan’s Clamp 1 1.3%
100 Soul Seal 1 1.3%
100 Mount Training Whip 1 1.3%

Ancient Offering Sacrifice Dimension Wartune 1

Ancient Offering Sacrifice Dimension Wartune 2

Ancient Offering Sacrifice Dimension Wartune 3

So what do you think about these results on the Ancient Offerings Drop Rates? Did they surprise you or they are matching your expectations? If you want to share your own data feel free to put it in the comments below or email me – but make sure you write everything in a quality way.

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  1. Knowing the drop rates does little or nothing to help increase the chances of finding any. A more usefully article would be about how to better your chances.

    • Even tho finding that out would require… fancy stuff :p However, 16 sacrifice? Do it again when you at least have 100, or the table means nothing. For example, I maybe done around the same, and gotten 100 clamps 5-6 times. So that table doesn’t mean anything with such a low test number.

      • RE: Bah Bah: it is very easy to poop on the work of another. If you want to help by sending in more data then do so, otherwise your imaginary example means very little, because 16 ancient offerings = 80 item drops and 80 pieces of data is not insignificant. I did not however say that this is the absolute truth – I did my best with what I could gather and anyone else is welcome to help, but to put dirt – not cool.
        – Cosmos

      • Oh please, all I said was that it was a low number for testing. Yes my “imaginary numbers” doesn’t do squat either, but neither does yours cause of the small sample number.

        So not putting dirt on you, at least not here.

    • RE: Firewalker66: Drop rate analysis is interesting for a number of people – if they do not interest you there is no problem, you can choose to read whatever you are interested in.
      – Cosmos

  2. Cosmos stop being so emo, if we didnt appreciate ur work we wouldnt visit this site so much, but in fairness they make valid arguments. textbook data analysis states u need a sample of atleast 50 to make any claims valid. Saying its 80 treasures is kinda misleading since every offering comes in a set of 5. so blahblah is right. he isnt pooping just giving his 2 cents. Also my own data has stoves as 1 together with sep and mahra, i rarely see sticheons and hammers. but my sample isnt nearly as high as this one. (or atleast what i wrote down)

    What would be more interesting to see which of the 4 dims would give more offerings and a last note is is this prepatch data or after patch? cuz ur other post about eddy events clearly isnt prepatch cuz i never seen one.

    But for therest kuddos with always trying to get some data on screen. Nice work

    ps me and a few guildies more or less agree that intermediates is the way to go for offerings, not sure if its due to the fact u can quicker fully explire it and go through more of them compared to an advanced and an expert dim or that they/i are just lucky when we do them. ive gone through experts w/o seeing a single offering but also finding like 4 in one expert dim, altough the last bit occurs less frequent that the first bit.

    • Heya, i am happy to accept criticism, but it was also in the way it was said.

      I i am doing the best i can – if i had a lot more i would do it with a lot more, but if people don’t bother to send me then i am forced to do with whatever i can gather and this took a long time already as you can imagine and it is a good enough analysis as a first indicator.

      RE: dimension types, I just posted an article with a study on 32 basic dimensions. Of course I would be more than happy to post / analyze all dimensions, but again i need data and so far only Paul sent me proper data which I just published.

      – Cosmos

  3. 80 items and you think your % are coorect? pls come on a real test would need 1000 or more items not 80….
    if i open 1 chaest i also could not say the dropprate of the item i got is 100%

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