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Dimension Coordinate Chest Drop Rates v4

Hey guys, in this article we share the analysis on the Dimension Coordinate Chest drop dates version 4. Data for the 9995 chests was sent in by Roxi – thank you!

Analysis / Findings

  • The first observation I had was when I compared this report with the previous (version 3). For Basic and Intermediate chests the rates were very similar. For Expert and Advanced there was a small variation but that is an acceptable deviation so I could say roughly similar.
  • The drop rate for Expert and Advanced Dimension Coordinates are 1.6% and 3.2% respectively. That means you would need to spend roughly 60 million gold in the Guild Shop to get 1 Expert Coor.  At present (Patch 6.5) it would be much cheaper to get these via the Advanced Guild Shop or via Archaeology.
  • Among the different elements there does not seem to be much different (judging from the higher samples), so no 1 element is more rare then another.
D.Coor. Type Light Dark Wind Electro Water Fire Total %
Expert 28 28 25 32 32 19 164 1.6%
Advanced 67 58 55 47 38 53 318 3.2%
Intermediate 379 331 389 380 389 386 2254 22.6%
Basic 1185 1258 1184 1271 1212 1149 7259 72.6%
9995 100.0%

Reference version 3 Dimension Coordinate report

Dimension Coordinate Chest Drop Rates v3

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  1. Interesting – I get a similar rate around 1.5% expert chests with fire least often, buying 50 chests every day

  2. if i do Digs i get 2 expert coordinate chest every two days which is pretty good 🙂

    • ya Archaeology helps, especially if you need other items on that map – it really depends which map will benefit you the most at that specific time

  3. Do i get more stuff from plague marsh or from black gold cavern? i want to know which one to buy with fangs to speed up the procces

    • what “stuff” do you need? – if you are talking about synth items then you can certainly buy from Adv. Guild Shop to speed things up

      • But which one gives more synthesizeable items? Plague marsh or black gold

      • you seem to be confused, there are 2 items needed for gear upgrade and 1 falls in 1 of those dungeons and the 2nd falls in the other
        none of the dungeons are somehow special so you can either do them equally or do only one and buy the other item
        – Cosmos

  4. I think you are the one confused here…
    Plague marsh gives Divine heart shards and black gold cavern gives divine soul shards. What i am asking is which dungeon gives more rewards.. For example if you complete Plague marsh how many heart shards you will get in total? 30? 40? and same for black gold cavern. So i can know which ones to buy from guild shop. For example if Plague marsh gives 40 because there is one boss more than black gold cavern if i remember properly and black gold cavern gives 35 i would want to do Plague marsh daily and buy the soul shards. That is my question.. which one gives more rewards or do they give an equal amount? Because someone from my guild told me that Plague Marsh gives more. I just want to be sure..

    • Hi, both are a tiny map with 2 minis and 1 final boss. These are some of the fastest MPDs ever in Wartune.
      Why would one be more special than the other? I have not seen any evidence of such data, so my previous response to you remains the case unless someone can share data proving it otherwise.
      Best of luck,

      • Oh, one more tip, this is so totally not an issue as Fangs are so easy to come by. You can literally never do those dungeons and upgrade all your gear, so not sure why you are “stressed” about it.
        Anyways, have a nice day,

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