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Dimension Coordinate Chest Drop Rates v3

Hey guys, in this article we share the analysis on the Dimension Coordinate Chest drop dates version 3. Analysis was done by Jesse Kabam S67 – thank you! Jesse bought 1,000 dimension chests from the guild shop for this analysis.

Analysis Findings

  • It looks like the drop rate for expert and advanced dimension coordinate is about 2% each. That would make each expert chest cost about 50 million gold.  This amount might be acceptable especially for those players who have finished Holy Forge, but…
  • it is important to point out that if I camp in Autaric (Archaeology system) I almost get enough expert chests to open an expert dimension each day. So 21 chests will last me quite a long time. Following this way of thinking / strategy it is not necessary to “lose” 50 million gold per coordinate.
Light Dark Wind Electro Water Fire Total %
Expert 4 3 4 1 4 5 21 2.1%
Advanced 4 6 4 3 3 2 22 2.2%
Intermediate 41 39 36 42 38 24 220 22.0%
Basic 129 129 117 127 108 127 737 73.7%
1000 100.0%

Other Info

  • We know that at some point in the future there will be a new feature in Wartune Blacksmith allowing players to synthesize lower grade dimension coordinates into higher ones similar to the luck stone system of 4 to 1. When this is implemented it might become more interesting to purchase these coordinate chests.
  • Those players who have little time or are bored can also do dimensions part-way which allows them to last for a much longer time. This will give less daily reward but less action is required to maintain and results in a lower requirement to have coordinates as well.


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Dimension Coordinate Chest item Wartune


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  1. I go threw an expert a day, the only way for me to keep up at the moment is buying these… I did hear a rummor on this blog that in a future patch there will be a syntheses of lower to higher in a future patch. I hope this is still in the cards.

  2. wartune should pay you guys for your hard work on this blog every day 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      Unfortunately most of them don’t care. It will be a lesson for us for the future.

  3. anyone there got any idea for mines in dimension. anyone who has done any survey. i have walked every step in dimension no matter basic inter adv or expert. but for last 3 months have not found a single mine. i have opened approx 20 expert dime, 3 -4 adv inter i guess 30 and few basic.but i did not get to find any mine. if anyone have any info plz share with me.

    • I haven’t seen any in a while either.

    • We spent many hours in research trying to find any clear result, but nothing consistent was found so we did not report.

  4. also one should not that a good freind of mine pointed out that when you open the chest that you get from the wilds digging and have a certin type coordinate water ,wind in your bags it will continue to give you those two types of coordinates so if you tryly want a chance at one you dont have drop the ones you have in the guild vault and you just might get it.i use to think he was crazy till i tried it..

  5. Cosmos, I have a problem. Some especific monsters have a skill and that makes me lose a turn (example: wild Soul Drainer). If I use a special Eudaemon skill before that I can not use it again. It’s a bug?

    • Not sure if I understand you, but if your Eudaemon Delphic is blocked that’s a bug you need to do a quick refresh to use it again. Usually this happens in Spire though.

      • considering the example he used i think that “a skill that makes me lose a turn” is a skill that stuns, an as cosmos said the only wait to solve it is to refresh. That usually happends when you do kids delphic and the monster stuns before it can use it that also can happend if you cast it right in between bosses in spire.

        Either way the only way to fix it is to do a quick refresh (or end the battle)

  6. like you said is better to get exp dims from digs in Autaric, i havent been in AP in months and i still have 24 in my bag and i always have at least one running but sometimes i do also some inter or basic since they are easier.
    But main problem is that i feel like the intermediate and basic are too low rewards and exp too much time consuming and i ran out of adv since i dont buy chest and when i decide to do i barely get some (mainly cause i almost dont buy them since im still saving gold for a forge event to get kh)

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