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7Road Info + Wartune HTML5 Info

Hi everyone! In this article I share information about the developer of Wartune, a Chinese company called 7Road Holdings Limited and also share their possible future plans for Wartune. This article is possible thanks to andreyomsk who contacted me and shared with me the company’s annual report.

7Road is a game developer in China and they have produced many games which players play worldwide (100+ countries). They usually give licenses to publishers like Proficient City or R2Games, etc, who make the game available for players. From all the Chinese companies 7Road earned the most revenue in 2017.

Their top games are DDTank and Wartune (total 14 games). These 2 were exceptionally successful running for years while other games in general, in average, have a life expectancy of roughly 12 months.

Their net profit in 2017 was 263.3 million RMB (39 million USD). Majority from their top games, 35% from DDTank and 24% from Wartune.

What this means for players is that if their top games like Wartune fail then they will lose a huge part of their profit, so normally they should also be interested in the success of Wartune (although their and the publishers bad management of the game in recent times does not show that, however they claim that they are doing a great job).

In the report, some of their plans include:

  • They plan to make their top games DDTank and Wartune in H5 (i guess HTML5) code which allows players to play the games without flash. But what is very important and not clear is if players can continue with their character or if these will be considered new games where players have to start from zero.
  • They plan to launch a Wartune 3D (mobile) which will be based on Wartune, by the end of 2018. (I am not sure if this is talking about the Wartune Hall of Heroes or yet another version).
  • They will also continue making various language versions for local markets. Wartune, for example, is available in 20 languages, which is a record for them among their games.
  • Their will continue making shooting games and strategy RPG games like Wartune.
  • And their will focus more on mobile and HTML5 games in the future (The HTML5 games work both on PC and mobile devices)

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  1. There should be no reason for not being able to use existing player data in an HTML5 conversion. Even converting the game itself should not be overly difficult as there already exist conversion tools. They really should get us an HTML5 version of Wartune as quickly as possible as the move updates they push to us prior to conversion, the more work it will take to convert.

    • I hope so too, but one can say also there should be no reason for them to manage the game so badly as they have done in recent times, but they did. That said, let’s stay positive and optimistic and hope that what you said will come true, i.e. that they move us fast to HTML5 and migrate all player data successfully so that we can continue playing.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion,

  2. It would be advantageous for all character data to be moved to HTML5, although I do not know much about the conversion from flash-it is becoming more of an MUST do in my opinion, the more they try to cram into flash player with the new updates, it has brought this game where a refresh is now a requirement after each task completed, then having to clear the flash cache now more then once a week, depending on the server activity. So I do hope and pray they make the jump and allow the older players to migrate to the HTML5 code.

    • Yes, it would greatly increase the speed of the game and would allow them to make the graphics far superior to what Flash would. As far as character data, they would likely not have to make any changes at all. The character data is not in flash perse, it is just called by the program.

  3. I hope they are already in the actual process of converting to html5. Maybe that is why the game has been so bad lately. Or do they hire another company to do the conversion so they can continue managing or what little managing they are doing with wartune? The quicker they get this done, the better it is for everyone.

  4. If they take too long to convert the game will really suffer coz flash is on it’s way out. Pretty soon there wont be any updates to this dated program. If they convert and dont move the players data IMHO I dont think too many people will be willing to start from square one all over again and spend the $$$ to get to where they were. I see this game dying on the vine in the next year or two. You can see the attempt to milk it for all it’s worth in the last year. Almost everything has been surfed. Anyway Cosmos you’ve done an excellent job keeping us informed of all the going ons in Wartunes.

    • I agree with you and thank you for appreciating my work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. On Kong, it’s unplayable now. Players complain about lag, they add things that add more and more lag. Titans and goddesses are the worst. I’ve cut way back on playing simple because the lag is killer. CS events, I just afk it now. I use to be able to go 10-12 rounds of ares (or athena… whichever is the solo one) before lag really bothered me. Now by round 5 I’m done. Lag is just too much. I hope if there is a switch over it’s for all platforms. Although, notice the massive drop in Wartune revenue. 250 to 105 in just 2 years. If they gave players what they want a lot of top players that quit might still be around.

  6. are event on kongregate diff now that we are not with r2games and now on ProficientCity i still come here for help and thank you

  7. im not sinking any mo money into this game unless they fix it , thanks for all your hard works cosmo

    • thanks for kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. will wartune reborn close too? or only this “normal” version of wartune?

    • Flash technology support, as I understand, stops in 2020 for the whole internet / most browsers? so it has nothing to do specifically with Wartune, but ALL flash games will not work anymore from 2020 onwards.
      Therefore all gaming portals that provide games for players to play have to either shut down or come up with solutions such as converting games to HTML5 format to continue working.
      So yes I believe that affects Wartune “Reborn” version as well as well as any other game made in Flash.
      – COSMOS

  9. this annual report is from 2017, if you google the report for 2018, you will see that 7road lose 42% of income in the first 6 month, that should explain a lot

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