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35k BR Grabs #2 Position in Cross Server PvP Rankings

Hey guys, a small fun post to congratulate an achievement of a small Wartune hero, with just 35k BR (actually 34,634)  @ level 44 called keepDF, who achieved the #2 position in the Cross Server PvP Rankings, just below the powerful Ashira πŸ˜›

And this goes in the face of those people who say that you can’t enjoy Wartune unless you are rich or whatever. Clearly keepDF has created a whole lot of fun for himself and reached an impressively high ranking while having a very humble, and 100% free, character.

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  1. This is quite easy when you have 2 toons logged on different teams and just ‘spawn’ kill or Morph Card in a corner! *COUGH* Bane/Hellβ„’ *COUGH* πŸ˜€

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