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20k Battleground Kills – Grand Marshall Title

Hey guys, yesterday we shared with you a 15k BG kills achievement and today we share with you 20k Grand Marshall achievement, so if you thought 15k was already a lot this is 33% more Grim Reaper madness. The twist in this one is that it is achieved on a level holding strategy at level 59 versus yesterday’s 11.2m BR. Congrats and thanks to Takahisa for sharing the pics.

Takahisa’s Character Stats

The stats are some time (~2 months) after getting the title, so just assume they are a little bit higher than the “grind-time”.

  • Level 59 (camping / level holding strategy)
  • 853k BR
  • 56k Attack
  • 81k PDEF
  • 62k MDEF
  • and half a mil of health

Grand Marshall Title Bonus

Although +5000 HP is nice, probably people who go for these titles are much more motivated by the achievement than the bonus itself 🙂

Note on Level Holding Strategy

I just wanted to highlight that camping or level holding strategy was very widespread from the beginning of Wartune and ongoing for a couple of years, however, after several game changes, most notably the introduction of the Purgatory Maze I believe (and periodic gifts up to level 80), this became less interesting, but, as you can see from the example of Takahisa, there are still people who go for it (most likely people who enjoy PvP a lot more than PvE).

Some Battleground Tips

I asked Takahisa to share with us some tips and he was kind enough to do so:

  • Enter a battleground 10 minutes into the event
  • Befriend a player that has similar desires and assist each other (even more than 1 friend or a group of friends if you can)
  • Most importantly to enjoy the time! (I really love that Takahisa highlighted this as a lot of people forget about this and just live in negativity 24/7)


  • Did one of your friends achieve this title?
  • 20k BG kills in Wartune is a pretty mad grinding challenge – do you think you will ever go for it?

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  1. nicely done

  2. Congrats. Since you asked for tips how to achieve the title fast. If you really just want to go for the title, the fastest strategy imho is to build up 2 Twinks (2 because of cooldown) up to lvl80 (most of us know some “thrown away” chars from friends, so not a big issue) and keep them weak and naked. Manage to get them on one side, and your main on the other side (works not always). Then just place your main char near enemy base, and attack in a rotation. You can get upt 80 kills per battleground. Less on short battlegrounds or when you have to fight for your life. (so a decent char helps, cause it will be attacked less often by others)

    The big advantage, you don’t have to plague other small players, by killing them too often on one battleground. Like all grinding of course it tends to get a bit boring in the long time. But as you just have to run out and get killed, you can do other stuff besides, if you are competent in multitasking. 😉

    • thanks for sharing, well explained

    • I tried an alternate account, But I suggest not to. It complicates the goal and a second account consumes time and data. Communicating with other players, be them enemies or friends, helps smooth out the boredom and “grinding”.

  3. iam so sorry for him… he must have a poor life… play wartune all day, go to every bg and never meet friends…

    • don’t make assumptions, you don’t know him and you don’t know his life or how efficient he is at accomplishing what he needs to do

    • Camping takes a lot less time out of your day. If you are level 80 and doing dungeons, you spend more time than him ingame. LOL

      • That’s only 50% true (if not less), not every lvl 80 is dumb enough to waste his/her time running Tower of Kings, Bloody Inferno and other low-reward-granting game systems.

      • Tok a low-reward granting game system? I disagree. I am free player and I get tok mm done within 10 minutes. Only source of whips right now.
        Any 5+mil br team can clear it pretty easily.

      • I agree, TOK is definitely not low rewarding.
        – Cosmos

      • I wouldn’t say tok can be cleared easy with a group of 5 mil BR especially if it has a frigga or 2 in it. Well at least for us it can’t be. Even easy is a struggle unless I get in a strong knighted group

  4. What we do know: is that this kind of player made thousands maybe ten thousands quit doing an appreciated part of the game. Basically have to be either a psychopath, or totally clueless to play like this.

    • Don quite understand you comment but seems that you are speaking trash about lvl camping…
      Before i used to camp lvl myself, but ofc im not that patient as he is, but by camping you can get really a lot of kills in bg (i mean here is a good example) and also have crazy amount of honor as well, and once he decides to lvl up to 80 he wont have to focus on getting that on the 80 bgs

      i did it enough to get at max honor title and just by the little amounts i get from GB i made my medallion lvl 2 and working on 3 and im not really that strong but before i was one of the strongest (in my cross server section ofcourse) non lvl 80 so i was able to kill a lot of people in arena and bg

      its a nice strat only you need patience

  5. I understand his argument about campers making people quit but tbh the people quitting because they’re killed by a level camper are the type of players who will quit over something one way or another.. There’s a lot more players who just click wartune on a whim and then quit within a week or two of playing than there are veteran players. So really he’s just capitalizing on these types of players. Good on him for achieving his goals.

  6. great title, grats

  7. It will be awesome if you can ask him to post his full build, from astrals to sylph choice and so on. I’m really interested in this kind of gameplay and I’m a grinding for achievements dork. Thank you for making this story public and good work to him for that achievement! As you said this is not something everyone can do and the mentality means alot. GJ Takahisa!

    • Thank you!

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