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15k Battleground Kills – Commander Title

Hey guys, this is a small achievement post sharing pictures of the Commander Title in Wartune from getting a whooping 15k Battleground Kills, so congrats to CANE for his achievement and thanks for sharing the pictures. At the bottom is also the character stats if you want to check it out.

CANE’s Character Stats

  • 11.2m BR
  • ~850k Attack
  • 533k PDEF
  • 471k MDEF
  • and nearly 3 mil health


  • Did someone in your server achieve this title?
  • 15k BG kills in wartune is a pretty mad grinding challenge – do you think you will ever achieve it?

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  1. I think this guy need to go out and see world

    • naughty 🙂

  2. CANE have no idea whats color is the sky LOL

    • different people enjoy different things and/or have different goals and some people are able to do many things at the same time – that’s also possible

  3. I wonder how many battlegrounds he does in a day. Myself being a free player now, I quit doing BG so will never have those titles. Highest I have is master sergeant.

  4. On european servers one Player got the 20k.. was farming Twinks for weeks… no life.. (just my Opinion)

  5. i also like bg much, but i’m still far away from that title 🙂 congrats Cane

  6. erm….i still dont get why people chasing kills in bg…
    the title only give hp bonus rite? lame…

  7. wow suuuper (not) another highcash hunting for low players in bg and feeling like a pro. sure avoiding all players with more than 3 mio br so these are just title for lowbr bashing people, no respect for that

  8. Thanks god, I quit playing this shit,LOL

  9. I have the 20k title, should i post that pic up?

  10. I have Grand Marshal, should i post that pic up?

    • if you want email me and i will add it to the article (a pic with title on you + title window + char stats)
      and if you have any tips add that too to help people
      thanks in advance

  11. Congrats. Not really on Wartune itself, but on the german brand of this 7Road game, we have also already players who beat the 20k battleground kills.

    So good luck and keep going for the next 5k kills.

  12. I see a lot of negative posts, which means they are most likely repeat victims. It’s all good. Those of you that know me, know that I do not camp, and I go after the closest person when I come out of battle. My record is 61 kills in one session. Can’t do that camping the same player. Most people are smaller, note the Class Wars mount, so that comment was irrelevant. Congrats to Takahisa on Grand Marshall. It’s a little harder in the lvl 80 BGs than the 59 tho.

  13. It´s absolutely not harder in 80´s bg, cause there´s a huge gap now between heavy spenders and low or no spenders since knighthood. You basically kill most with one hit, cause you added so much cash in your toon. Anyone can see the irony in calling the reward from BG: Honor

  14. When someone put over 20k euros in flash game and spent 10hrs daily for it what can I say – that person should see doctor since that aint normal.

    Thanks for feeding devs tho, maybe wartune wont be dead since ppl like this around.

    • How about if someone is extremely wealthy for whom 20k euros is same as 1 euro for most people and what if he is doing those 10 hours from his laptop chilling out on the beach in Bora Bora with a nice cold drink in his hand or has hired a low level employee to do his grinding work?
      Seems like you are making negative assumptions about people you don’t know.
      And who is to say what is “normal”? Grinding 10-15 hours per day in a job you hate is also not normal but there are a lot of people doing that.
      I am not agreeing or disagreeing, just pointing out that making assumptions based on imaginary facts is not the smartest decision one can make.

      • So you saying this guy sharing his account? Okay, thats reportable matter. thanks for letting us know.

      • A lot of players know others who share accounts or share accounts themselves, so does that mean we all have to become evil and start reporting everyone? Haven’t enough players quit the game that you want to push out some of the remaining also? 🙁
        Problems should be solved by correct game structures and rules not by attacking people.
        – Cosmos

  15. cane the small br hunter realy not a honour thing more a bully smaller brs id say

    • There´s a reason why you only see this Bg behavior in games like this, very safe to be an anonymous huge ass behind a keyboard, irl you would get punched in the face at best, more probably in jail. Cane and many like him are textbook bullies, nothing else.

  16. ahaah cane pots …. FLUFFER

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