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177310 Electro RES and 2950% Timer Damage

Hey guys, in this short post we share with you near-maximum 177310 resistance (woot!) and a crazy 2950% damage increase from a ridiculously long battle (thanks Fealindale).

(near) Maximum Resistance

I am sure some people would never imagine this, but there it is, you can see on the picture (not photoshoped! I only highlighted it) a whooping 177310 Electro resistance. Of course there is no cases or very rare cases where such a thing would be needed, but here we are not talking about strategy but simply about what is possible.
Important to note that the maximum can indeed go higher than this with the help of sylphs (Thor / Zeus), but this is very near the maximum at present (April/May 2016).

Crazy Damage Increase Percentage

Now this one is a bit crazy. This is also not modified in any way with Photoshop and is 100% true picture same as the one above. Here we have a ridiculous 2950% after-timer damage increase which occurred from a never-ending Eudaemon Arena battle. Here there are a few points to say:

  • Firsly “LOL” at the 2950% – that’s just nutz 😛
  • Secondly, over time I have seen a lot of people complain about, sorry to say “stupid” or annoying players, who keep on healing and wasting everyone’s time in the Eudaemon Arena, especially when they know for sure they cannot win anyways. A lot of people consider this to be a very rude and irritating behavior and it is just not cool, so please, if you are one of these players, just die 🙂 – you will save both your time and have no need to transmit anger and frustration to strangers. Contrary to this behavior some players are super nice and smart and have just 1 main Eudaemon and 1 helper and 2 empty slots in the middle making Eudaemon fights a lot faster benefiting both themselves and other players.
  • I usually look at just the 1st round damage. If you hit say 30,000 and enemy hits for 60,000 just let it AFK and let it lose fast as it is safe to say that he is roughly 2 times stronger. And if you did call your helper on round 0 then just don’t call him again after he runs away.
  • In any case, I think everyone would agree that getting the battle duration up to damage increase of 2950% is fun to see 1 time, but probably never again 🙂 so let’s be friendly with each other and help each other complete our dailies fast and with a smile 🙂

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  1. ya whenever i see first hit dmg my eude >100k i will not bother playing…just afk

    • good man! 🙂

    • If I quit whenever opponent did 100k damage I would never win a fight

    • Unless it is my one guildie who can beat me, then I keep going for pure cussidness and we laugh in guild chat (It is consensual)

    • i afk all of them

    • i afk all of them

  2. yep just if i also did like 100k i could try but if he/she does double my damage just afk, also if it happend backwards that i do double his/hers i call my assistant to finish even quicker just heal when i feel i can win that battle and not in a long time as well
    well once i did to win but took several minutes and only win by luck :p i had no hp and the enemy eud was above half, but i used thunderer and at that second activates the 70%MDMG increase and 100% increase and beat him :v

  3. wow, someone didn’t want to lose that fight lol.

  4. How did he get 17731o electro res?
    Please explain a little more

    • easy: – probably 5 expert dimensions max. 6 lvl 12 electro res gems, and lvl 10 electro/ wint KNightHood talent (extra +100 electro/wind res)

      • +100% *

      • Yup, that’s exactly what happened. I actually used this setup to win Titan Wars one month. The wind/water protected me against Friggas, and the high electro res made all non-sylph damage hit for -90%, so I took virtually no damage.

      • and only a million balens later 🙂

      • not realy, getting lvl 12 res x6 is easy, KH may cost 100 or 200 dollars top. doing dinensions is just time.

  5. You can tell after a couple exchanges whether or not it’s a winnable match; afk if you know you’re going to lose and don’t spam heal. As for that massive number; wow. I think I’ve gotten up to 40k for res but I don’t cash. That might be close to max for non-cashers at this point.

  6. those days b4 they fully open the x-server…the op eude would do 1mil dmg to mine…:D

    so just afk is the best way

  7. It took both parties to be stubborn enough to get to that point not just one. Had too be fairly equal for both to last that long, I’d say goof match.

  8. little hint about players that keep healing even though they know they cant win just refresh and come back start a new one they will eventualy loose and your already on your next if not 2nd or third one

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