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ALL Sylph Fusion Wartune (Two Sylphs Together) Guides

Hey guys, this post is a overview on the three guides I have made on Sylph Fusion. Sylph Fusion was first introduced in Chinese Wartune around 6 months ago (October 2014) which was the Light + Dark Sylph. A few months after, they introduced the Wind + Water Sylph and recently, Chinese Wartune introduced the Fire + Electro Sylph in patch 5.0! So be sure to read all of these guides on your own pace and enjoy 😀

Disclaimer: We may or may not get some of these feature on our servers. If we get these features in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

Light + Dark Sylph Fusion Guide:

Find info in detail on the Light + Dark Sylphs with a nice wallpaper for you and everyone to download. Click HERE to go to the guide.

Wartune Sylph Fusion Light + Dark Wallpaper

Wind + Water Sylph Fusion Guide:

Support Sylph + Healing Sylph, how better can these sylphs get? Check out these awesome Sylphs HERE 😀

Wind + Water Sylph Wallpaper

Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion Guide:

With skills like 570% + 1,000 magical attack to OP looking sylphs, the Fire + Electro will dominate the fields of battlegrounds 😛 Check it out HERE.

Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion Featured Image

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  1. Hi COSMOS, I have 1 and only one question about the sylph fusion: what about the sylph enchant? If I choose Loki for an example, my 2 orange sylphes enchantement will be added? If both are already at maximum what happens? Does the max stats is the addition of both sylphes? I red that marahs are added but I dont know about spec . Thanks for your answer

    • Hi. After Sylph Fusion, the Sylph Enchantment will be increased and you will need Advanced Sepulcrum to enchant the Sylph.Yes both of the Sylphs stats add up.

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