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Hey guys, if you agree that everything we do for people is worth at least a monthly cup of coffee or a pint of beer then support us:

Option 1) Become our Patron (you can cancel anytime).

  • You can see all information here:
  • There are also additional exclusive benefits for Patrons – see the Patrons benefits.
  • Why this is the best option: this gives us safety/stability to get income monthly to pay our costs (server/team/equipment/production/maintenance/etc).

Option 2) One-time only support: send via PayPal to [email protected]

Option 3)
A) Do your Amazon shopping via our referral link: – you don’t pay anything extra but Amazon thanks us with a commission for bringing a shopper. Would be awesome if you add this to your favorites and always shop there via this link.
B) Buy T-Shirts designed by Cosmos: DolyDesign Shop

Thanks a lot in advance,
Cosmos & DolyGames Team

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  1. plsssss event plss Gm and gold and B

    • hey buddy we don’t create the events…

  2. So you want to get paid for posting “funny” pics?

  3. I am still 16 years but i swear when i get old enough to work play and pay for thd game i will do my best. Love this game so. Much i dont know how to thank u guys

  4. It is nice to get a heads up on what wartunes is up too Great job

    • thanks 🙂

  5. Excellent idea, I sent you a small gift but I dont recommend you buy a beer for it, its not healthy to drink alcohol 🙂
    Thanks for your nice and entertaining content you keep do for us !

  6. I would use your amazon link but its only for the American Amazon – not the UK 🙁 but I’ll try at some point to make a contribution 🙂 Thanks to all your helpful content!

  7. Don’t suppose u could provide an easy link to give u cash?

  8. Ok so no paypal account and don’t shop amazon and can’t copy and paste from this page. Have to make life easier for us old farts

  9. Just a thought but interact transfers work wonders and you can send to an email address directly maybe set it up ????

  10. You rly should make links of the URLs… as with your new “rightclick protection” script you cant copy & paste them anymore.

    • Done, thanks.
      It is true, we wrote this article before the anti-steal protection. Anyhow i put all links now, thank you.

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