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Yoda in Fetid Swamp

Hey guys, if you have done any Wilds or Archaeology in Fetid Swamp and paid really close attention you might have noticed Yoda! He is indeed a sneaky one and it is not so easy to find him, but I managed to take a screenshot of him in the shade of a tall tree next to a little hut where he probably hides most of the time.

Also, if you meet Luke in the Team Arena let him know where Yoda is so he can go train and learn the secrets of being a Jedi! 🙂

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  1. saw a gold bikini laying in the sand

  2. I seen Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter also

    • wooot!! soo lucky! 😛

  3. r2 may get sued by star wars for copyright ^^

  4. No way if that were the case blizzard would have sued them ages ago for them blatantly coping art work from world of warcraft its simply burried all over the game.i even though about if r2 pissed me off too bad taking screen shots and sending them to blizz i use to be a game master for them so i have a few inside contacts to run it up the chain faster…

  5. Hmm but what about the Wartune ghost?
    You know, the one that collects The tree of Ancients on inactive accounts with no evidence in guild records they have logged on.

  6. fake

    • are you sure? maybe you just didn’t find him 🙂

      • Very Fake.
        I did a thorough search after my digs, not there

  7. Nice photo shop LOL Coords are 32.115

    • Happy you liked Sayuka 🙂
      @ love to make people smile

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