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World Boss Rotation Archer Knighthood by Hobbit

Hey guys, here is an Archer KH (Knighthood) attack sequence for World Boss shared by Hobbit (thanks!):


For archer KH players at world boss:

  • Use no titans (see video)
  • Use wind ranger with cursed arrow and Delphic
  • Use Electro sylph (but never go into sylph mode)
  • Use PATK milk and Crit scroll
  • Use RES Reduction talents
  • Use Brutality and Chaos runes

World Boss Rotation Steps

  • Round 1: aimed shot then brutality instantly
    • (wind ranger cursed arrow is now)
  • Round 2: fatal strike
  • Round 3: aimed shot then cluster bomb instantly (both go off)
  • Round 4: aimed shot then chaos instantly
  • Round 5: aimed shot then fatal strike (fatal strike has lowest ability cast time, so goes off in the same round)
    • (use wind ranger Delphic now)
  • Round 6: Multishot

Expect big rounds (10m+) since my attack is only 460k with pots and still gets 11m as in screenshots.

460k attack = regularly get 11m+ rounds from World Boss with this setup

Hope this helps you guys, best of luck in your Wartune WB madness and feel free to share your attack sequences in the comments below.

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  1. How much starting rage?

    • 42 initial rage; Level 76 clothing. // proof that its me 😀

      (switched around my talents to crit/intensity instead of some resistance for more damage)

      • Are you doing the double hitting or fast hitting?

      • Always spamming a button, I don’t do a non-ability attack at any point. If you spam buttons in the order shown above, you will get the same result.

        Current setup is:
        Stats (//

        Skills (//

        Eudaemon (//

        Talents (//

  2. knight please 🙂

    • ok, I got 80 starting rage (may work with less):

      1: Gash
      2: Brut rune
      3: Delph (750%) click auto then
      4: auto will use Wrath strike
      5: fast manual use gash
      6: wrath strike
      7: gash + chaos rune

      (I get 14m – 20m gold depends on the 140% pasive procs)

      Sylph mode:

      1: brut then Delph then awake
      2: Infernal inflamation + auto
      3: auto will use jupiter wrath
      4: Roaring lion
      5: thunder wave
      6: vulcan + chaos rune (if lucky on timing)

      (I get 20m – 30m gold depends on the 140% pasive procs)

      -with 860k attack (milk)
      -I like to use Dwarf for the pasive 30% extra dmg if proc and the delph 20% extra dmg.

      • to add: when pasive procs my knight delph does 20-24M x2 dmg and on sylph mode my delph can do up to 50M dmg.

      • ty anik, I will try your rotation.

  3. I get 12K plus using nothing but aimed shot and fatal strike with a battle oracle and a frigga ( i do not sylph) i use patk milk and crit scroll, no titans and don’t change my talents, but res red and crit are maxed.

    Unless one of the others is cashing, I’m always #1

    • oh, and I don’t rune

      • You have a frigga (that automatically tells me you are a lot stronger than me 😀

  4. lol no titans no cashing just in an out for devo lmao 😀

  5. What does chaos do? Does it have to be max level?

    • Use chaos to do 100% fast damage. No it does not need to be max level.

  6. better rotation for archer:
    keep death titan on 1st position; brute and rage

    1. aimed shot+brute
    2. fatal shot + multi (or cluster bomb if lucky on getting the extra rage)
    3 aimed shot
    4. cluster bomb (or multi if used cluster step 2)+rage
    5. fatal shot + delphic on minime
    6. aimed shot+fatal strike

    I will try it w/ wind ranger and cursed arrows as that sounds like a good idea. But using an archer mini w/ full skills gets me as much as 23m using patk milk, crit scroll and level 5 patk pot (likely useless at this point) and electro sylph. 772k patk before any potting

  7. This rotation is iffy at best to me. With knighthood skills it the mix, it’s better to hit as many Fatal Strikes as you can, so rage rune is a better bet. That goes for all classes and their respective delphics.

    • The main part of the rotation is the brutality rune fatal strike at the start where your eudaemon has cursed arrow the world boss. Just that can net me a 20m crit.

      The second most important part is the clusterbomb 2 turns before a fatal strike (this gets you usually 1 or 2 stacks on the damage passive since it hits 3 times instead of once). I will try adding a fatal strike at some other point, but the passive proccing is high on my priorities.

  8. lol why do not use sylph if i have 1 round sylph 17-18m gold o sylph 12-13m gold

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