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New Tactic for Archers for World Boss

~Posted By Jack~

Hey guys my name is Jack and I’m new in here,  and I m a player from Miniclip S5

~A level 68 archer rank 5 in my server . I have patk about 24k and about 3.8k critical .

“This my first post and  I am posting on how to earn more in wb  with sylph  , this post is for archers because of their 5 damage increasing buffs.”

1. In wb at first  play with ur character to get sylph awakening bar on full ,

2. Then on the next turn can hit 3 shots then rune then delphic I will suggest to use multishot, arrow strike then again multishot,(only if u have level 40 ,50 or 60 gear ,or else use arrowstrike three times then multishot )  then I get increased damage buff to 5 then rage rune and then Delphic .

3. While hitting delphic be ready after 3 to 4 secs click the Sylph awakening then and press button or which ever button u have ur sylph’s best attack  on, so u can turn to sylph and hit immediately then wait till dephic CD of sylph and press sylph-delphic button.

4. Continue like this in WB then u can get alot more gold and daru than your normal ranges of gold and daru, ya it also depends on critical sometimes we get very less crit on WB   >_<

>Note: u have to extremely fast and hit sylph delphic before WB’s final hit .

I did some other combinations with sylph but this one is better if u follow the rule and be fast .  ^.^

~When I did one round sylph and one round char I got like 80k to 100k gold and daru per turn,

~When I did char and sylph both at the same time then I got about 85k to 105k gold and daru per turn ,

~But on this combination I get average of two turns I get about  95k to  110k gold and daru  ( 80 to 90 k + 110k to 130k divided by 2 =  95k to 110k gold and daru in two turns ) .

Bye guys hope u all liked my post and i was helpful to you .

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Here is a Pic Of My 1st Rank In WB ,

Cheers To me 😛 .

This is MY PIc on Becoming NO.1 in WB .

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