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World Boss Double Hit Guide

This is a guide I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but always felt overwhelmed by the amount of details I’d like to share about the topic. Here I try my best to give the key details about how to double hit and how to get a good World Boss rotation with them. Let me know if there’s anything else you think is very important for others to know about double hitting, and I’ll see if I can work it into the guide!

Ways to Get Your Skills to Blink

The most essential part of getting your hero to double hit is for your skill bar to start “blinking”. You’ll see me use this all the time in both PvE and PvP applications, and it is pretty essential to competitive Wartune gameplay. Here are the ways I most frequently use to get them to start blinking:

  • AFK Mode – Let AFK Mode choose a skill -> as your hero is about to strike, choose your next skill
  • Hero Skill and Awaken – Select a hero skill -> as you use the skill, awaken -> as you awaken, briefly click a hero skill you have rage for or a rune -> immediately hold down the sylph skill you want to use first
  • Rune and Awaken (Shown in Video) – Same as “Hero Skill and Awaken,” except start with a rune
  • Eudaemon Delphic (Easiest Method) – At any time your eudaemon has enough rage, you can use its delphic and it will make your hero skills light up, signalling that you can hold them down to start the blinking

Understanding Fast Vs. Slow Skills

In order to get a reliable rotation for World Boss, it helps to understand which skills can be combined to double hit, and it what order they have to be used.

Every skill in Wartune has a particular speed that it takes to cast. It’s pretty noticeable with the hero skills, that delphics and skills with longer QTE take longer to cast than short cooldown skills with short or no QTE. Even though sylph skills don’t require QTE, they still have different casting times. In order to get a successful double hit, you there are specific options:

  • Successful combos – Slow skill then fast skill; or fast skill then fast skill
  • Unsuccessful combos (unless slows/speedups are in play) – Fast skill then slow skill; slow skill then slow skill

Self-testing your skill set is probably the best way to really get to know how fast each of them is, but at least for my electro sylph set up I show which ones are fast and slow in the picture above. I discuss this a little more in detail in the video.

Skill Rotation for Electro Sylphs

Taking into consideration my sylph’s skill cooldowns and casting speeds, this is the rotation I use for World Boss. The boss strikes you six times and kill you on the sixth one. This is what I do before each of the boss attacks:

  1. Rune + Awaken
  2. Short Circuit + Eudaemon Delphic**
  3. Jupiter’s Wrath + Shock Chain
  4. Thunder Wave (Delphic) + Rune
  5. Jupiter’s Wrath
  6. Flash Storm + Short Circuit

**The Eudaemon delphic is how I make sure the timing of my sylph rotation stays on track. Even with everything else carefully chosen, making sure that your kid and troops are casting at the proper times is also very important. I go into more detail about this in the video.

Though I think I have a pretty common set up for electro sylphs, for sure there people with different ones, but you can use the basic principles I’ve talked about to adjust for whatever you have (including other sylphs)!

VIDEO: World Boss Double Hit Rotation (Sylph Round)

Check out the video guide I did implementing everything I’ve explained here! I tried my best to show and explain exactly what I’m doing at the time, but double hits have always been a tough thing for me to go over in the videos.

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  1. and in fire sylph skills which one are slow and fast (i would test it my self but im very laggy so for my all are slow :P) i have the regular ones (dragon blast, burning strike, vulcan`s judgment (delphic) an firestorm and devouring lava 🙂

    • Pretty sure all of those can be used as a fast strike

      • jupiter is a slow skill but you can use it as a fast/double strike

    • Devouring Lava is always my first unless the front target in TOK is still alive or the whole front row in arena is Eudaemons. You shouldn’t get DLava back before running out of sylph charge, so its speed is irrelevant.

      My 100 rage and 80 rage delphic (knight) are my slowest moves, Shadow Thrasher is just a little faster, then Vulcan’s Judgment, then almost unnoticably faster is the rest of fire’s moves. Slasher is my fastest move that isn’t a rune or awakening.

      When I chaincast I usually use Burning Strike between every other move. I call it chaincasting partially because of Red Mage’s Chainspell ability in Final Fantasy 11, partially because if you break the chain you revert to normal casting, and because I call something else double hitting.

      • agree burning strike is always the double hitter therest are slow/med hits unless i am lagging. I also if i am not too laggy squeeze in secondairy rune chaos/amnesia in the last round so u get 3 hits. so 2 fast hits + rune to get that max dmg during sylphround.

        Also knights can survice Wb delphic by shielding. (ahem cheating.) So as a knight fully xploit that shizzle. Ah the good old days where u could df the WB, i want them back.

  2. For me, double hitting is the doubling of attack rounds with almost 100% success rate by using a short casting time/fast ability in the very instant that my character begins moving forward for an auto-hit. It’s not as powerful as chaincasting, but if you have good timing it’s simple to do and always available.

    Two other ways to unlock your skill buttons are being stunned in any form and holding or spamming your skill buttons through the end of stun, or simply bad lag.

  3. I guess I have a different approach than you. If you count the awakening as a hit it looks like you are getting 8 sylph hits in total(9 if your 2nd rune is chaos/amnesia). In my rotation I get 10 Sylph hits in and I try to maximize the passive from unstable voltage as much as possible. Here is my rotation(Note: I don’t fight with kid equipped, it doesn’t count toward gold production and seems to slow me down sometimes due to graphics lag)

    1. Space to Awaken – AFK Button – AFK picks Flash Storm
    2. Flash Storm hits
    3. Short Circuit – Thundering Strike
    4. Shock Chain – Thunder Wave
    5. Thundering Strike – Short Circuit
    6. Thundering Strike – Chaos Rune
    7. Dead

    Its also worth noting that the AM world boss has a slightly faster attacking speed than the PM world boss. So double hitting is always more successful for me at night.

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